Meet Jonathan

Meet Jonathan Owsley, a 2021 graduate from the College of Business.

Owsley earned his Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management from Athens State University and has continued his education at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). He holds a Master’s of Business Administration and is pursuing a Master of Science in Health Administration from UAB.

“Athens State empowered me to take ownership of my life, both professionally and personally,” stated Owsley. “As an alumnus of the health administration program, I have felt ahead of the curve throughout my continued education and professional advancements.”

Owsley said he is forever grateful for the impact his professors had on his time at Athens State University. He commented that the University went above and beyond to provide the best networking opportunities and innovative projects so that he and his classmates were prepared for a future in health care. Owsley also recalled the commitment his professors displayed during the COVID-19 Pandemic and is confident that he would not have received the continued diligence to create learning opportunities elsewhere.

The last word from Jonathan Owsley is in true Athenian style, “Don’t be afraid to fail. You only fail when you stop trying.”

About the Health Care Management Program

The Bachelor of Science degree in Health Care Management provides students with a strong foundation on the basic biomechanical and physiological principles associated with human movement and the basic wellness concepts conducive to healthy lifestyles. Healthcare management degree graduates will have the skills and competencies necessary to pursue graduate studies, gain employment in a variety of health, fitness, sports medicine, and public safety career fields. Learn more about the Health Care Management program HERE.

About the College of Business

Through its course offerings, the College of Business provides a high-quality education for all students, teaching them to think critically; use technology efficiently; be effective leaders, decision-makers, and communicators; maintain ethical standards; and understand the global economy. Learn more about the College of Business HERE.

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