Institutional Research and Assessment

The primary mission of Institutional Research and Assessment Services (IRAS) is to assist and support institutional planning, management, policy formulation, and decision-making, through the systematic collection, analysis, evaluation, and dissemination of valid and reliable information.

To accomplish its mission IRAS:

  • Coordinates a systematic and integrated university-wide planning, research, and assessment process
  • Provides timely information and technical expertise to assist academic and non-academic units with the formulation, measurement, tracking, and reporting of performance indicators and metrics
  • Accumulates, generates, maintains, and disseminates institutional data to support the assessment of institutional effectiveness
  • Initiates surveys and other performance-based studies to facilitate planning and continuous improvement of academic and non-academic programs and support functions
  • Responds to requests for institutional data from members of the University community, from state and federal agencies, and from others interested in the University’s operations


  1. Improve the effectiveness of the institutional research and assessment functions through a systematic process to conduct program reviews, develop and implement workable assessment plans, collect assessment and institutional data, and integrate data findings into strategic planning
  2. Enhance Athens State’s ability to determine its overall institutional effectiveness as the foundation for continuous improvement
  3. Encourage a culture of assessment at all levels of the institution while serving as a comprehensive information resource


Jeffrey Guenther Photo

Jeffrey Guenther

Assistant Provost for Planning, Budgeting and Assessment
Pamela Clark Photo

Pamela Clark

Academic Support Specialist
Valerie Sellers Photo

Valerie Sellers

Assistant Director of Institutional Research and Reporting