Technical Education: Post-Secondary Instructor Option

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OnlineU Most Affordable Online DegreesThe Bachelor of Science Degree in Technical Education, Post-Secondary Instructor Program prepares students for careers in workforce development, education, healthcare, government, business, industry, military, and non-profit sectors. The program combines theory with hands-on experience to equip students for jobs in the field of education and training.

Program candidates must have expertise in a technical field.

Career Outcomes

Post-Secondary Instructors work in public and private colleges, professional schools, junior or community colleges, community-based programs, career and vocational schools, government agencies, and within business and industry.

Post-Secondary candidates learn and apply the fundamental principles of effective teaching in a variety of learning environments. Enabling them to plan, develop, administer, and evaluate learning experiences that meet the diverse needs of adult learners.

Course Format

The Post-Secondary Instructor Program may be completed 100% online. Traditional and blended course formats may be available.