A professional counselor is available by appointment to discuss personal issues with currently enrolled students and Athens State University faculty and staff, on a brief-counseling basis. All counseling services are provided with your confidentiality in mind and offered at no charge to you.

Personal Counseling Services can help you:

  • Develop study skills
  • Get better organized
  • Replace bad habits with healthy ones
  • Learn how to relax during stressful times
  • Balance academics, work, and family/social life
  • Solve a personal problem
  • Improve communication skills
  • Learn coping skills to deal with anxiety, depression, addictions, grief, or other emotions that might interfere with your activities of daily living
  • Locate mental health services, resources, and support groups in your local community

Services are provided through a partnership with the Mental Health Center of North Central Alabama.

To make an appointment, you must first complete the following documents:

Counselor Office Hours

Athens State Campus: Rm 123 Sandridge Student Center
Shannon Wildharber-Arnold: Monday and Thursday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
Milla Wetzbarger
Dylan Kelley
Ashante Anderson

Contact Information

Phone: 256-233-8144

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