Multicultural Empowerment Club

The Multicultural Empowerment Club (MEC) at Athens State University is a student-driven organization designed to address issues of diversity with the intention of fostering an environment of understanding, tolerance, and competence. Our mission is to provide a social outlet for students to meet with other students of different cultural backgrounds. To provide opportunities for English as A Second Language (ESL) students to informally work on their English skills. To work with other organizations on diversity projects. To develop and implement projects designed to expose the whole campus to multiculturalism and diversity. Involvement in the Multicultural Empowerment Club will enrich students’ learning and provide opportunities for ASU students to explore Inclusion and diversity in an interpersonal setting.  


Christina Smith

Hello! I am Christina Smith and I’m honored to be the new president of the Multicultural Empowerment Club (MEC). I am from Huntsville, Alabama, and a recent graduate of the University of Alabama in Huntsville. I am so excited to be pursuing my Graduate degree at Athens State and I hope to create a diverse and safe space for students of all cultural backgrounds, as well as an environment where everyone can express themselves freely and have support from others. 

Carina Ramos

Hi there, I am Carina Ramos! I am a new student at Athens State University pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a minor in International Business. I am hoping to use my degree in a career that allows me to travel. While at Athens State University, I plan to learn about leadership and communication. I am currently an Athenian Ambassador and Vice President of the Multicultural Empowerment Club (MEC). I look forward to promoting cultural appreciation among students.

Upcoming Events

2/10/23 Movie Night – Hidden Figures
5:00 PM
McCandless Hall
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