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A recent college graduate, Elizabeth used her Management degree to land her dream job of being a real estate agent!

“Starting my career at such an early age provides me with a great sense of accomplishment. All my hard work has come to fruition. Having my dream of becoming a real estate agent in the Athens, Alabama area become a reality is a really humbling experience. It is the most rewarding feeling one could ever feel,” Elizabeth said. She graduated from Athens State University in May 2019 with a business management degree and is already well on her way to a successful career.

After seeing her father in a sales role, Elizabeth realized that she also wanted to pursue a career in business. “My dad recently moved from a career in mechanical engineering to a career in insurance sales and has pushed me to be in sales,” she explained. “That’s something I find interesting. To be in sales, I think you have to be business-minded, driven, a people-person, and always be honest and dependable.  I remember my dad telling me, ‘The only thing you have to do to be successful in business is do what you say you’re going to do.’  Honesty goes a long way.” Elizabeth has taken this advice to heart and makes every effort to focus on what’s best for her clients. “My main goal as an agent in our local area is to strive to provide the best service and communication that I possibly can. This business isn’t about me, it is solely based around my clients, and I try to always keep their best interest in mind.”

After completing all of her real estate licensing courses and exams, Elizabeth met with Tiffany Pack and Marie Eubanks of Dream Key Real Estate in Athens. “I felt as though they offered the best training and resources to fit my needs. Everyone at the company is so genuine and willing to help; we truly want to see each other succeed,” Elizabeth said. The great work environment at Dream Key has helped make Elizabeth feel comfortable in her new career. “I feel that it was the best career choice I could have ever made and the most fitting for me. I am able to help serve members in our local community by finding them homes they’ve always dreamt of.”

Athens State has been more than I could ever have hoped for it to be. It has far exceeded my expectations.

Trying to balance a career, college course work, and remain involved on campus and in the community has proven to be a challenge, but Elizabeth has handled it gracefully. “Over the course of my college career, I worked almost full-time, held two jobs, went to school full-time, and was also involved on campus and in my community. While that may seem like a lot, you can do it. You can be involved and do everything you want to do while also getting a college degree, and I think that’s important, because that can be a concern for a lot of people,” Elizabeth stated.

During her time at Athens State, she took on a campus leadership role as an Athenian Ambassador, which Elizabeth has also found beneficial. “Being an Athenian has really given me the opportunity to polish my natural leadership abilities. It has been great to prepare me in the way I speak and act in those settings and has been beneficial to me and my educational career,” she reflected.

Elizabeth gives Athens State a lot of credit in helping prepare her for her current career. “Athens State has been more than I could ever have hoped for it to be. It has far exceeded my expectations. The Business Department fully prepared me for the marketing aspect of my current business. I receive messages almost daily praising my original content and aesthetically pleasing social media designs. Because of my degree, I have insight to market knowledge that helps me better target the audiences I am trying to capture.”

In the future, Elizabeth hopes to open her own business where she can teach young individuals how to thrive in the real estate industry. She acknowledges that her dreams and aspirations may change over time, but she knows for sure that she would always like to remain in Athens. “The people of Athens are like no other. I have travelled halfway across the world, and Athens is the only place I would ever consider home. To be able to serve the great people in my city is one of the greatest blessings ever provided to me, so I would like to stay here to help service the people of Athens in their buying, selling, renting, or building needs.” Fueled by fierce ambition and a genuine love for her community and the clients she serves, Elizabeth is sure to go far in her career. “It is definitely beneficial to put yourself out there and go the extra mile when other people aren’t willing to—that’s what sets you apart.”

It’s How You Finish

“Like Elizabeth, finding the right degree completion program can help turn your passions into a rewarding career. Explore what you can achieve with a business degree at Athens State University.

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