Meet Rick

Rick Rosenblum

Meet Richard Rosenblum, a 1998 graduate of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Rosenblum obtained a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. Even as a young child, it was clear that Rosenblum would pursue a career in the tech field. He recalled his fascination with games and computers and said he would tinker with his family’s Atari 800 XL home computer at the age of 10.

While Rosenblum knew the tech field was for him, he did not settle on his field of study in Computer Science until transferring to Athens State. Transferring to Athens State was the only way for Rosenblum to graduate in a timely and affordable fashion. “It is the best decision I have made in my education and career,” he stated.

Rosenblum was working full-time at COLSA as an Advanced Research Center (ARC) Technician while continuing his education at Athens State. He shared that his computer science professor, Dave Fitzsimmons, along with the computer lab and facilities at Athens State helped him excel in the workforce and in his education.

“The projects created by the professors at Athens State allowed me to perform programming tasks at school that helped me more easily accomplish my tasks at work,” said Rosenblum. “The opportunity to immediately implement my studies in the workplace really paved the way for a successful career.”

Today, Rosenblum works for PeopleTec, a government contractor, in Huntsville, Alabama. He supports the Missile Defense Agency and the United States Army performing complex data analysis for modeling and simulation functions of weapon system assets.

“I love what I do,” shared Rosenblum. “I believe it is a challenging and necessary job.”

About the Computer Science Program

Are you interested in a booming career field that puts your technical expertise to good use? Whether you prefer pursuing a career in software development and computer science or cybersecurity, a degree from Athens State University can help you reach your goals.

Computer Science students are able to choose one degree concentration to specialize in their studies – software and systems, cybersecurity, or intelligent systems. All computer science degree concentrations provide a strong foundation in programming, business analysis, problem-solving, and software engineering with practical experience in contemporary computer laboratories. Learn more about the computer science program here.                   

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