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Emergency Student Assistance Fund

Support the Emergency Student Assistance Fund and help students cross the finish line.

Students often face many hardships and obstacles while working towards their degree. Most Athens State students work while taking classes. Many are considered low-income and have families to care for.  While trying to balance work, family, school, and life, students often face financial hurdles they are unable to manage, like a large medical bill or car repair, or unexpected illness that impacts their ability to work.  They often have to pause their education in order to manage these unexpected bills.

The Emergency Student Assistance Fund strives to help students overcome obstacles that may cause students to drop out of courses.  By providing emergency funds to help students manage unexpected hardships, they are able to stay focused on earning their degree. The program covers financial emergencies and unexpected expenses, such as car repairs, medical bills, utility bills, groceries, books, and supplies, or any financial obstacle that threatens the student’s success. In most cases, funds are provided to the student within days of when they apply.

“The Athens State Emergency Student Fund helped me and my family out tremendously. I was on the brink of losing my place of residence and didn’t have enough money to pay for my necessities… I am forever grateful for your support by educating and enriching our community” – Student L.

“During my first year at Athens State University unexpected bills and family emergencies left me in the red. I was completely unaware of programs like the ESA fund so unfortunately, I became behind in coursework because I couldn’t afford my textbooks in time.  No one wants to be left to choose between receiving needed healthcare or purchasing required textbooks. And I’m grateful I didn’t have to because the emergency student funds came in time and put my mind at ease.” – Student C.