Curtis Coleman Center for Religion, Leadership, and Culture

Dr. Curtis Coleman
Dr. Curtis Coleman

In honor of the legacy, vision and mission of the late Dr. Curtis Coleman, a universally respected community leader, mentor and Professor of Athens State University, the Center was established in 2013.

The Curtis Coleman Center for Religion, Leadership, and Culture seeks to promote understanding, goodwill, dialogue, cooperation, and service through the exchange of ideas and information surrounding religious and ethical issues.

The Center is designed to serve the needs of students, faculty, and the community at large and will explore the religious and ethical dimensions of a wide variety of cultural and contemporary issues. In the tradition of Curtis Coleman, the Center seeks to build, equip and inspire leaders who will model excellence and shared values in the community.

Who was Dr. Curtis Coleman?

He was a beloved professor and Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Athens State. He was also an ordained minister of the United Methodist Church and a community leader. He wrote a column for the Athens News Courier for years. The commitment of his life was to build bridges and bring people together. His legacy of teaching, leading, and serving continues to be an inspiration. The Coleman Center is committed to continuing the work of building bridges and connecting people.