Degree-seeking students can choose to complete coursework for one or more minors in addition to the coursework required for a degree/major. In order to have completion of the minor(s) noted on the official transcript, all requirements for each minor being pursued must be completed, and additional minors must not have more than 6 semester hours of course requirements in common with any other minor.

Students cannot receive credit for completing minors that clearly overlap any majors being completed; for example, a student majoring in Biology cannot receive credit for completion of a minor in Biology.

Some degree programs require students to complete a minor (approved by the academic advisor) in addition to the coursework required for the degree/major. Some degree programs also require students to choose from a specific list of minors. These degrees and program-specific requirements are published in the appropriate degree/major section of the University catalog.

Accounting – not open to Accounting majors
Acquisition and Contract Management
Advanced Manufacturing Management – open to College of Business majors only
Aerospace Systems Management
Business Administration – open to non-business majors only
Enterprise Systems Management
Forensic Accounting
Government Contract Accounting
Health Care Management
Human Resource Management
Information Systems Management
International Business
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Management of Cybersecurity Operations
Operations Management
Project Management
Small Business/Entrepreneurship – not open to Accounting with Minor majors
Tailored Business – open to College of Business majors only