Men of Kennis Summit

Men of Kennis Summit 2022

Athens State University recently hosted the Men of Kennis Summer Summit, which served as the program’s 2022 orientation. In addition to current and new Men of Kennis members, several graduates from the program and other individuals from the community also attended.

Men of Kennis was established in 2020 to increase the number of Black and Hispanic male teachers in classrooms across Alabama. The program works to support men of color on their path to becoming teachers in the state and provide scholarships to members to help cover tuition, books, and housing.

“Being able to bring historically underrepresented people into our University changes how we look at things, how we talk about things, and I think that makes a huge impact,” said Dr. Catherine Wehlburg, Athens State University Provost.

Dr. Darlene Turner-White, Men of Kennis program coordinator, wants everyone to know that the initiative to increase the amount of male minority educators is something every university needs. “This summit’s purpose is to provide them with a pathway and let them know essential topics that are important for their development. I want them to be knowledgeable and I want them to know the importance of collaboration. That is in our mission statement in the college of education because when our students graduate, we can them to be prepared and ready for day one.”

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