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Supporting Adult Learners: Athens State University’s Resources for Non-Traditional Students

Being an adult learner or non-traditional student is no easy feat. You’re often facing different challenges and balancing more responsibilities than a student entering college right after high school. Between working a full- or part-time job, balancing a family or work life, and figuring out the next steps in your career, there’s a lot to juggle. 

As one of few upper division universities in the nation, Athens State University understands the struggles that adult learners and non-traditional students face as they re-enter school. That’s why we provide an abundance of resources and services to support you on your academic journey during your time here and beyond. 

Here are some of the ways we help adult learners and non-traditional students like you make the most of your time at Athens State: 

1. Flexible Course Offerings for Adult Learners’ Busy Schedules

Our Adult Degree Program (ADP) is designed to support adult students who have completed some coursework towards their degree. We know in most cases, adult learners are working either full- or part- time while also attending classes and working towards the next steps in their career. So, to help you achieve your goals, we’ve designed our classes and courses to be as flexible as possible.

Athens State offers courses in-person, online, nights, and weekends so you can plan out your classes at times that best fit your schedule. We also offer a hybrid option that’s incredibly popular for students who appreciate the flexibility of online and in-person learning. And if you’re not sure which classes or courses best fit your needs, we can help you customize a program that allows you to graduate on time and ready for the next phase of your career. 

2. Applying Credits Toward Your Degree

As a working adult learner, you probably already have years of experience and certifications in your chosen field. And at Athens State, you can apply that experience towards your degree to help you graduate sooner.

Our Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process takes a look at all the subjects you’ve learned in the current field you’re studying and applies them as credits towards your degree. Some of these credits include:

  • Prior work experience
  • Military service or training
  • Professional certifications 

The assessment is customized, so results will vary for individuals. However, the process ensures that you aren’t repeating credits or duplicating work for areas you are already knowledgeable about; therefore, getting you closer to earning your degree, faster.

3. Student Support Services for Non-Traditional Students

We aim to set our students up for success at Athens State University, both during their time on campus and beyond. Our Student Support Center provides a central location for students to access the support and services they need to thrive on their educational journey. Some of the services include:

Academic Advisement

Undergraduates are assigned a personal success coach who provides guidance and helps you navigate your academic journey so you can achieve your goals.


We provide free tutoring services for students who are struggling with a specific subject or course. And like our classes, tutoring is available by email, in-person sessions, or online meetings with hours ranging during the day, night, and weekends. 

Career Services 

Our Career Development Center provides resources to assist students in finding a job after graduation, with opportunities ranging from resume and cover letter assistance to interview preparation and networking events. 

No matter your goals, our student support services can help you graduate on time and ready for the next step in your career. 

4. Financial Assistance For Your Degree

A major obstacle for adult learners and non-traditional students is the financial cost of returning to school. That’s why Athens State offers multiple options and opportunities to help ease the financial constraint, so students can focus more on their studies and less on the cost. 

In addition to accepting credits that help you graduate sooner, we also offer a variety of financial aid options, such as scholarships, grants, and loans, that students can apply for to lessen the cost of their degree. We often advise students to apply for financial aid as soon as possible to receive maximum consideration and to review our FAFSA Transfer Guide for a full picture of what to expect throughout the financial aid process.

Athens State University is committed to helping adult learners and non-traditional students complete their degree and move onto the next phase of their career as easily and effectively as possible. With multiple programs and options available, now’s your opportunity to see what you can achieve at Athens State.