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Bachelor’s Degree Programs for Working Adults

You might be tempted to think that your opportunity to earn a degree is in the rearview mirror or that it will be too hard to juggle work, family, and school. You wouldn’t be alone in that – it’s common to think a college degree is only achievable for recent high school graduates. You’d be surprised how many adults are earning their college diploma today, and how many options there are to make that reality possible. In fact, there has never been a better time to earn a bachelor’s degree as an adult.  

As you investigate bachelor’s degree programs for working adults, you’ll quickly realize that many universities see the obvious advantages of welcoming this underserved demographic. You know what you want to study and why. You’ve learned how to work efficiently and manage your time. And, you have real-world experience and perspectives that add value to the classroom environment. 

With online learning more firmly established than ever as a viable part of a bachelor’s degree program, your options are limited only by your imagination for what’s possible and your drive to succeed. Whether you’re looking to advance your career, finish a degree you started earlier in life, or simply achieve an important milestone in your life, there are programs that will work for your needs. Here are the key elements to consider as you evaluate bachelor’s degree programs for working adults to find the right fit for your goals and circumstances.


As a working adult, you’re going to be juggling priorities while earning your degree. You want a degree program that recognizes that reality and offers you tools, resources, and options that help you manage your time based on your needs. You want a degree program built for the real world – one that understands you’ll need to balance the classroom with work, family, or both. Look for universities that offer online degrees for working adults and accelerated programs designed to fast-track your progress. Many schools now offer programs designed specifically for working adults that incorporate these kinds of flexible schedules and class structures into their DNA.2.

Earned Credits

You might not have many college credits on your transcript – or any – but you’ve got a lot of earned experience in life. That should count for something, and the best bachelor’s degree programs for working adults will work with you to quantify your work experience, certifications, and workforce training programs to award you credit towards your degree. There are many resources for adult learners available, and organizations like the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) are working with accredited universities to ensure you have every opportunity possible to advance your career and life goals.


Earning a bachelor’s degree as a working adult will require enough sacrifice of your time and energy as it is. It shouldn’t also be cost-prohibitive. There is no age restriction on receiving federal aid. Plus, there are numerous grants, scholarships and financial aid options available to adult students today though the Department of Education as well as nonprofit organizations and even the universities themselves. If you come from an underrepresented or minority background, you will find numerous programs designed specifically to help adult learners like yourself return to school, earn a degree, advance your professional career, and even launch your own small business.

Whatever your motivation for going back to school as an adult learner (and whatever your life circumstances), there is undoubtedly a bachelor’s degree program that will fit your needs perfectly. As you juggle the pressures and constraints of adulthood, you want a university community that will support you, encourage you, and work with you to balance your job, your family, and your academic goals. If you take the time to find the right degree program for your unique needs, you’ll be all the more prepared to earn your degree and pursue your life goals with confidence.

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