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  • Honor Society

    Phi Theta Kappa

    Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Key Logo

    The mission of the Athens State University Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Association is to support the people, programs, and priorities of the Phi Theta Kappa Society. Through alumni support, the integrity of the Society’s programs and service will be protected and new programs and services can be developed and offered in the future.

    Students may join this organization as transfer students who are Phi Theta Kappa members (prior membership and induction is required). Phi Theta Kappa alumni members lead, mentor, and promote Phi Theta Kappa in leadership, scholarship, fellowship, and service initiatives aimed at assisting community college transfer students in achieving academic and professional goals.


    • To provide aid to transfer students’ social and educational adjustment to the rigors of Athens State University life
    • To provide assistance to the Office of Recruitment and Transfer/Advising Center
    • To build awareness of the quality of the transfer students
    • To work to ensure the continued academic excellence of Phi Theta Kappa members


    • Stay abreast of Phi Theta Kappa programs and people through publications
    • Provide recognition to outstanding two-year college members and advisors
    • Assist two-year college chapters by providing speakers for programs
    • Provide support for two-year chapter members to attend regional and international events and meetings
    • Encourage businesses to provide funds and supplies to support two-year chapters
    • Work in collaborative activities with the two-year chapters to support the college and the North Alabama community
    • Support the Society’s two-year programs and people by contributing to Phi Theta Kappa’s scholarship and special funds
    • Serve as mentors to two-year chapter members preparing to transfer to Athens State University or enter the workforce
    • Encourage the establishment of Phi Theta Kappa designated scholarships at Athens State University
    • Provide programs and materials designed to ease members transfer from the two-year college to Athens State
    • Provide other assistance when appropriate

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  • Student Governance

    Interclub Council

    The purpose of the Interclub Council is to promote unification between Athens State's clubs and organizations and, when needed, act as a judiciary committee for the clubs and organizations.

    The Interclub Council consists of representatives from each recognized club and organization. It elects one representative who represents the Council on the Student Government Association (SGA) and is called to order by the president of the SGA.

    The SGA Vice-President serves as the chair of the Interclub Council. The Interclub Council meets monthly or more often as necessary.

    The Interclub Council shall have the power to draw up and adopt bylaws that govern the Council. Final approval by a two-thirds majority vote of the SGA is required.

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  • Student Governance

    Student Government Association

    The Student Government Association (SGA) serves as the voice of the students at Athens State University. It provides leadership experience to students and serves as a bridge connecting students, organizations, and the campus community.

    Students active in SGA learn about leadership, governance, and service while working with others to achieve common goals. Students are elected to the positions of President, Vice President, and Marketing Coordinator. Senator positions are appointed by the President. 

    Throughout the Spring and Fall semesters, SGA hosts and/or sponsors events that bring our students together. From movie nights in McCandless Hall to Meet and Greets with State Legislators, SGA is always working to make Athens State an active and interconnected community for our student body. 

    SGA is open to all students currently enrolled at Athens State University. All students may attend SGA meetings, but active SGA members are those who attend at least two meetings per semester and two events per semester. Active members have the option to purchase SGA chords for graduation. 

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  • Registered Student Organization

    NSLS – Sigma Alpha Pi

    NSLS-Sigma Alpha Pi, also known as the National Society of Leadership and Success, helps college students become leaders who make a better world. Faculty advisors serve as a support group to help all organization members achieve their goals and better their lives.

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  • Student Leadership

    Athenian Ambassadors

    The Athenian Ambassadors are the official hosts and hostesses for Athens State University and serve as the face of the University on campus and within the greater Athens State community.

    Members serve as representatives for the University, greet distinguished guests, and assist with campus and Alumni events and assist with campus events such as the Fiddlers Convention, Transfer Orientation Day, commencement, and career fairs.

    Athenians are chosen through an interview and application process in the fall and serve throughout the academic year (fall and spring). They are chosen based on character, personality, and school record.

    How to Apply

    If you are interested in applying to become an ambassador, you must activate your profile on Handshake. Once you are an approved user and have a resume uploaded on Handshake, you will be able to search and apply for the Athenian Ambassador position.

    For more information, contact:

    2020-2021 Athenian Ambassadors
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  • Registered Student Organization

    Active Minds

    Active Minds is the leading nonprofit organization that empowers students to speak openly about mental health in order to educate others and encourage help-seeking.”

    Active Minds empowers students to change their perception of mental health on college campuses. Active Minds supports a network of campus-based chapters across the United States and Canada that consist of students passionate about mental health advocacy and education. Our chapter goals are to increase students’ awareness of mental health issues, provide information and resources regarding mental health, encourage students to seek help as soon as it is needed, and serve as a liaison between students and the mental health community.  The chapter is open to all students. 

    Active Minds National Website:

    If you would like to join Active Minds, please contact our chapter advisors for meetings times and dates:

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