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Acquisition & Contract Management

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OnlineU Most Affordable Online DegreesYou’ve probably heard about companies acquiring other companies or celebrities signing massive contracts. Such lucrative business agreements are actually fraught with complications and red tape. That’s why businesses need specialists devoted to making sure deals go smoothly. With the online Bachelor of Science in Acquisition and Contract Management, you can become the specialist businesses require.

Our program will give you expert knowledge of acquisition and contracting processes, including purchasing goods and services, pricing, contract negotiations, and contract law. The degree emphasizes both federal contracting and commercial contracting, giving you an opportunity to pursue the field that interests you most.

Contract Management Careers

Businesses need acquisitions and contract management professionals in order to ensure a variety of business operations run smoothly. A career in this profession can take many forms.
A Bachelor of Science in Acquisition and Contract Management can lead to career opportunities such as:

  • Acquisition specialist
  • Acquisition analyst
  • Contracting specialist
  • Acquisition support specialist