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The English programs at Athens State University are designed to convey to students a broad historical knowledge of English, American, and world literature in translation; to provide students with various tools to read critically works of diverse authors, periods, and genres; to cultivate a sophisticated habit of comprehending major problems, trends, and methods of literary, cultural, ethical, critical, and theoretical analysis; to develop the ability to pose questions, organize knowledge, and construct written arguments while systematically reviewing both technological and technical matters such as grammar, punctuation, and usage; and to be articulately conversant in all of the above. Thus, English programs are multifaceted.

Students will find that the reading, writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills developed in English degree courses will help them pursue careers in virtually any field.

In addition to pursuing advanced degrees from graduate and professional schools, English majors are desirable employee candidates for teaching from elementary up through higher education, teaching English abroad, technical writing, editing, book and print publishing, web publishing, law, library science, and management. While offering students clear direction on how to profit most from their study within the disciplinary knowledge of the English department, the programs also seek to encourage students to assume the enduring habits of questioning, reading, and intellectual self-articulation consistent with Athens State University’s learning goals of global understanding, effective communication, intellectual and practical skills, ethical responsibility, human diversity, digital citizenship and information literacy, and a lifelong learner.

Kimberly Jack Photo

Kimberly Jack, PhD

Associate Professor of English
Phone:256-216-6632 Phone:256-216-6632 Email:Kimberly.Jack@athens.edu
Department:College of Arts and Sciences

Founders Hall, Room 207

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Kevin Dupre, PhD

Professor of English
Phone:256-233-6528 Phone:256-233-6528 Email:Joseph.Dupre@athens.edu
Department:Secondary Education

Founders Hall, Room 341



Bachelor of Arts


English/Language Arts with minor in Education

Bachelor of Arts