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Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies

You’re experienced, driven, and ready to seize an opportunity for growth in your career. And you know exactly what skills you need to develop. A traditional master’s degree just won’t do; you’re looking for something different — a degree that allows you to get all the skills you need and none you don’t. With Athens State University’s online Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, you’ll get a flexible, entirely customizable graduate degree that allows you to pick the exact courses you need to meet your career goals.

By applying the traditional doctoral degree process to a master’s education, the MA in Interdisciplinary Studies gives you complete agency over your academic experience. Aside from three required courses — Introduction to Research, Basic Statistics, and a capstone thesis — the program is entirely made up of electives, offering you the chance to pick and choose graduate courses from across Athens State’s colleges and degrees.

Athens State’s focus on practicality and career readiness means you can be confident that every course you take will be loaded with cutting-edge strategies and real-world experiences that can immediately be applied in the workforce. When you earn an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies, you gain applicable, career-focused skills in the exact areas you need, allowing you to quickly and confidently seize new opportunities in your career.

Purpose-driven, goal-oriented professionals like you come to Athens State for their MA in Interdisciplinary Studies because we’ll give you the freedom and flexibility to develop the precise skills and strategies you need. How will you put your degree to work making a greater impact? We can’t wait to find out.

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What You’ll Learn in the Interdisciplinary Studies Master’s Program

Though your specific course load and curriculum are dependent on your goals and desired skill set, the MA in Interdisciplinary Studies will prepare you for immediate career advancement and instill in you a mastery of research methods. Regardless of the courses you take, the interdisciplinary studies degree will help you:

  • Develop advanced critical thinking and analysis skills
  • Communicate more effectively with professionals and experts from a variety of fields and industries
  • Market your new skills to potential employers or hiring managers
  • Design and pursue in-depth research projects

Increase Your Earning Potential With a Graduate Degree

Athens State’s graduate programs are specifically designed to help grow your career, which leads to noticeable financial growth. In fact, the average midcareer annual salary in Alabama is $60,000, but with an Athens State graduate degree, our alumni have seen their annual salaries increase by as much as $11,700. Our alumni are so successful that the average graduate is able to recuperate the cost of their degree in less than six years (according to a 2019-20 economic impact study by Emsi Burning Glass).

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