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Space Systems Management

Aerospace Systems

The undergraduate certificate in Space Systems Management will prepare students to pursue a career path towards aerospace technology systems management to include avionics, airframe and power plant; jet and rocket propulsion; mission planning, control, and communications; and manufacturing systems.

Some courses will provide students with an immersive experience, such as MG 482, Mission Planning and Control. The Mission Communications and Control Center (MOCC) that supports simulated space missions for (Mars Desert Research Station (MRDS), a two-week simulated crewed Mars base activity in Utah) is physically located on the third floor of Athens State University’s Sanders Hall, but is able to communicate world-wide via Zoom, Skype, Amateur Radio, and regular e-mail. The MOCC is a miniature version of a Mission Control room where various phases of a space mission can be simulated involving remote, DL student participation. The activity incorporates participants in the United Kingdom and South Africa who pose as part of a commercial Deep Space tracking network.

Choose five of the following courses for your certificate.

Course Hours
ASM 481 Spacecraft Environments 3
ASM 482 Mission Planning and Control 3
ASM 483 Space Law and Treaties 3
ASM 484 Space Exploration Strategies 3
ASM 485 Aircraft Propulsion Systems 3
ASM 486 Rocket and Spacecraft Propulsion 3
ASM 487 Aviation Risk Management 3
ASM 488 Aircraft Systems and Flight Engineering 3
ASM 489 Aviation and Space Human Factors 3
ASM 490 Aerodynamics and Flight Performance 3
ASM 491 Commercial Space Enterprises 3
Total Required Hours 15

Aerospace Systems Management

Bachelor of Science