Frequently Asked Questions

How does this program work and what do I have to do to participate?

Every student enrolled in a course participating in Access Athens will have immediate access to the electronic textbook materials beginning at 8:00 am on the first day of the semester. If you plan on utilizing the program, you do not have to do anything to continue to use those materials for the entire semester.

How long do I have to decide if I want to opt-out of this program?

Students have until midnight on the last day of the Late Registration/Drop & Add period to opt-out of the program. You can check this date by viewing  Important Dates.  The charge will appear on your Athens State student account as “Access Athens”.

How do I opt-out?

You will receive an email on your mail regarding the link to opt-out of Access Athens. It will list the courses you are currently enrolled in along with the pricing and what the materials are (courseware or an ebook). You can opt-out and in until the last day of the Late Registration/Drop & Add period. If you decide to opt out, the charges will be removed from your account. Choosing to opt out means you are responsible for finding your textbook and materials on your own.

I’m on financial aid. Can I use my aid for these charges?

Your student account is automatically charged when you enroll in an Access Athens course. You will not have to take any action if you plan on utilizing the Access Athens course materials.

When will I be able to view the digital course materials?

All course materials will be available at 8:00 am on the official first day of the semester. Please visit Important Dates for dates each semester.

How do I request a printed (loose-leaf) copy of my textbook?

Low-cost loose-leaf are available for MOST Access Athens courses. Visit and enter your course then all the loose-leaf versions are going to be located at the bottom of the page as “suggested by the bookstore”.

How will I know how much the Access Athens textbook charge is?

A comprehensive list of courses participating in the Access Athens textbook project can be viewed here.

When is that payment due?

You can pay for the textbook charges when you pay your tuition.

Where can I find out what textbook materials I need for a specific class?

Textbook information can be located by visiting the University Bookstore’s website and clicking on the “Textbook” link.

How do I know which courses are participating in the Access Athens project?

A list of courses by semester is provided on the Access Athens website. Courses for the upcoming semester can be viewed here.

How do I access my textbook materials in my Canvas course?

You can find specific instructions by visiting the Athens State Help Desk.