Is a Student Near Graduation?

The best way to determine the status of a student who may be eligible to graduate is by the appearance of the indicator box in the Degree block header.  If the box appears blue with a single “tilde” (~), it means that the requirements for the program are complete except for any preregistered and/or in-progress classes.  This box will appear with the single blue tilde only if all boxes below it have either green checkmarks or single blue tildes.

While the Degree Progress bar in Degree Works gives an indication of how close a student is to complete all degree/program requirements, it is at best an estimate since it weighs some requirements differently than others depending on the number of requirement boxes that appear in the audit.

In most cases, if the Degree block indicator box has a single blue tilde, the Degree Progress bar will read 98%.  The Degree Progress bar will only read “100%” when all requirement boxes, including the Degree block indicator box, have a green checkmark.

Including or Excluding In-Progress Courses?

Degree Works gives users the option for viewing the audit with in-progress (or preregistered) courses included or viewing the audit with completions only.  This option is available to all users: both students and advisors.

To include in-progress/preregistered courses, simply make sure the two boxes just to the right of the “Process New” button (near the top of the audit) are checked, and then click Process New.  This will show the audit with in-progress/preregistered courses included; if these courses fulfill a specific program requirement, they will show up with blue single “tilde” in the requirement slot.

To exclude in-progress and/or preregistered courses from the audit, simply uncheck one or both boxes and click “Process New”. You can then add the in-progress/preregistered courses back using the process above.

Programs Requiring Minors

Do you see the “MINOR block was not found but is required” message in a student’s degree audit?

This message indicates that the requirements for the degree program in the student’s catalog of record include a required minor, but that a minor is not officially declared in the student’s permanent academic record.

Students can officially declare or change their minor through Athens State Online using the Student Request for Change of Program form. To access this form select Student Records under the Students tab. Once this form is received and processed by the Registrar, the change will be reflected in Degree Works the next day following the overnight data refresh.