Meet Amanda

Amanda Vena

Meet Amanda Vena, a current student in the College of Business and student leader on the Athens State campus. Vena is studying to earn her Bachelors in Accounting and anticipates graduating in the Summer of 2024. Her decision to complete her degree at Athens State was influenced by her family’s legacy of Athens State graduates and the University’s reputation for affordability and flexibility.

“Athens State has opened the opportunity for me to have a successful career in accounting,” Vena commented, highlighting the pivotal role the University has played in shaping her future. Throughout her time at Athens State, Vena has not only excelled academically but has also emerged as a prominent student leader who actively contributes to the campus community.

Vena shared that Amy Garrison and Emily Corzine are influential figures in her Athens State experience. Garrison’s dedication to keeping students informed about opportunities for university involvement and Corzine’s direction for the accounting club have provided Vena with invaluable guidance and resources. A few of the resources provided to Vena and her peers through the work of Garrison and Corzine are opportunities for networking, industry tours, and leadership development.

Vena’s involvement in student organizations includes Athenian Ambassadors, Accounting Club, and Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Association. Each group has been instrumental in her personal growth and development as a leader.

“I chose to become involved in student organizations to connect with students, teachers, and the community,” said Vena. “This has benefited me by strengthening personal skills that will help me succeed in life and my career.”

In addition to her extracurricular activities, Vena holds a tax internship at Abroms & Associates P.C. to further enhance her accounting skills and prepare her for the workforce. Vena shared that the internship gives her the opportunity to apply the skills she is learning at Athens State in order to gain real-world experience. As Vena looks forward to her future career in accounting, she embodies the values of trustworthiness and integrity instilled by her instructors at Athens State.

At Athens State, we go to great lengths to engage students and take a wholistic approach to their education. Vena is a testament to the whole student being prepared for the next chapter of life through a personal, academic, and professional investment made by both faculty and staff at the University.

About the Accounting Club

Student membership in the Accounting Club has a threefold purpose:

  1. To introduce management accounting to students planning careers in business
  2. To strengthen the knowledge and commitment of those already on the way to management accounting careers
  3. To demonstrate how IMA members work together to improve the science of management accounting

Learn more HERE.

About the College of Business

The mission of the College of Business is to offer programs of study to students that will prepare them for positions in business, finance, or government, enhance the professional development of those already employed, and provide an academic framework for graduate study leading to professional positions.

Through its course offerings, the College of Business provides a high-quality education for all students, teaching them to think critically, use technology efficiently, be effective leaders, decision-makers, and communicators, maintain ethical standards, and understand the global economy. Learn more HERE.

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