Meet Brooke

Brooke Sinyard

Meet Brooke Sinyard, a current student in the College of Education and one of our student leaders on campus. Sinyard is working toward her Bachelors of Early Childhood Education and certification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). She plans to graduate this semester, Spring of 2024. Her decision to attend Athens State was fueled by our strong reputation for producing highly qualified education graduates as well as the supportive environment offered by the whole University.

Sinyard’s time at Athens State University has been marked by her exceptional campus involvement and leadership within the education community. Sinyard’s involvement includes: Head Athenian Ambassador, Bonner Leader Program, Vice President of Athens State Literacy Association, Vice President of Student Alabama Education Association, Student Retention Council, and Kappa Delta Pi. She has demonstrated unwavering commitment to educational excellence by setting a positive example and contributing the University’s supportive culture.

“One of the most impactful experiences during my time at Athens State was the opportunity to encourage educational pursuits among my fellow students,” said Sinyard. “It has been an honor to cheer on and support my peers as they seek to complete their degree at Athens State.”

As Sinyard prepares to graduate in Spring 2024, her legacy as a leader at Athens State University is firmly established. Through her tireless dedication, unwavering passion, and exemplary leadership, Sinyard has inspired future generations of educators to strive for excellence and make a difference in the lives of others.

“Athens State has completely rewritten everything that I could have ever imagined for my future in education, and I could not be more grateful and honored,” shared Sinyard in a closing remark. “I have had so many experiences to develop and hone my skills as a leader, language specialist, and an educator.”

We are proud of Sinyard’s hard work, authenticity, and commitment to excellence in education.

About Athens State Literacy Association

The Athens State Literacy Association is affiliated with the Alabama Literacy Association and will support causes for the Alabama Literacy Act.

The purpose of the Athens State Literacy Association is to provide opportunities for students to experience the transformational effects of literacy from an individual perspective, as well as, the transformational effects of literacy in a global society. Learn more HERE.

About the College of Education

The mission of the College of Education (COE) at Athens State University is to prepare teacher candidates to become reflective practitioners who are knowledgeable and collaborative professionals. The COE provides quality programs that meet the educational needs of ever-changing student populations. In accordance with our mission, continual assessment-based improvements are being made. Our goal is to provide rigorous yet flexible programs for students that encourage wider skillsets with multiple credentials. Learn more about the COE HERE.

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