Meet Roy

Roy Nagle

Meet Roy Nagle, a 2022 graduate from Athens State University. Nagle obtained a Bachelor of Arts in History with a concentration in social science from the College of Arts and Sciences. Nagle’s journey at Athens State University is a testament to the transformative power of education at any age.

“Roy Nagle’s return to school after years of hard work exemplifies the resilience and determination of so many of our students,” said Dr. Catherine Wehlburg, Interim President. “I am immensely proud of Roy! Athens State is honored to have been a part of his journey and we look forward to hearing more about his future successes. “

Originally from Russellville, Alabama, Nagle enrolled at Athens State University at the age of 65, after retiring from a 37-year career with the railroad. Inspired by his wife’s positive experiences, Nagle chose Athens State to fulfill his passion for history and social science.

Despite facing difficulties such as a broken leg and battling throat cancer, Nagle’s determination to continue learning never wavered. He embraced the opportunity to return to school and recognized that the timing was right to pursue the dreams he had put on hold for decades. Reflecting on his decision, Nagle remarked, “I haven’t let up… I just don’t want to stop learning.”

Reflecting on his Athens State experience, Nagle fondly recalled engaging courses, supportive professors, and the vibrant campus community. He emphasized the importance of understanding civics and government, which he believes are essential for being a good citizen. Nagle’s passion for education extends beyond his personal growth; he aspires to empower younger generations to become informed and engaged citizens.

“I have been alive during six decades of American history,” Nagle humbly said. “I have a few things I want to share.”

Throughout his academic journey, Nagle received unwavering support from his wife, who encouraged him to take ownership of his learning and actively seek ways to improve his educational experience. Nagle also praised the Athens State Writing Center for its invaluable assistance in developing his writing abilities which continue to benefit him today.

Nagle has recently completed his master’s degree in Education from the University of North Alabama. He remains committed to lifelong learning and looks forward to future endeavors as an educator. Despite occasional doubts and challenges, Roy’s resilience and determination have pushed him forward, inspiring those around him.

“I can really see what I have been able to accomplish by continuing my education,” commented Nagle. “I see this as chapter two in my life and it’s a new avenue that I’m undertaking.”

Roy Nagle’s Athens State experience reminds us that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams and experience the joys of learning.

About the History Program

The History degree programs aim to develop in its students an appreciation of our cultural heritage and an understanding of the world in which we live. Through rigorous coursework, students acquire an understanding of the chief personalities, events, and historical forces that have shaped American history, European history, and various areas of the non-Western world.

Program graduates have the skills and competencies to pursue graduate studies, gain employment in positions open to a liberal studies orientation, or teach history at the secondary school level. Learn more HERE.

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