Meet Nicholas

Nick Rizzo

Meet Nicholas Rizzo, a current student in the College of Arts and Sciences (COAS). In 2022, Nicholas Rizzo found his academic home at Athens State University. Rizzo is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Graphic Design Concentration. During his time at Athens State, Rizzo has actively contributed to the vibrant community on campus.

Rizzo was drawn to the smaller class size and supportive environment that Athens State offered over larger institutions. Rizzo has taken time to invest in meaningful connections with instructors who have guided and supported him throughout his academic journey.

As Rizzo shared, “I get to know my instructors better because, in a small department, I take the same instructors several times.”

Rizzo’s time at Athens State has been marked by a plethora of opportunities that have allowed him to shape his post-graduation plans. He has enjoyed designing for various student projects including a campus movie night, buttons for students’ backpacks, and interning in the Office of Marketing and Communications on campus. His experiences showcase not only his artistic talents but also his commitment to the University.

A significant highlight of Rizzo’s journey was his internship with Athens State’s Office of Marketing and Communications for the Fall 2023 Semester. In this role, he actively contributed to photography and graphic design projects for the University. This internship provided real-world experience and refined his skills in a professional setting.

Beyond academics, Rizzo is an engaged member of the campus community. As the President of the Kappa Pi International Art Honor Society and an Athenian Ambassador, he has embraced leadership roles, finding joy in giving back to the institution that has shaped his future.

When sharing about his experience as an Athenian Ambassador, Rizzo commented, “Being an Ambassador has opened a number of doors for me and provided me with a lot of positive experiences.”

Rizzo sees his program of study as a versatile foundation that applies to various fields, including graphic design, photography, and filmmaking. His classes at Athens State have equipped him with a diverse skill set, preparing him for the ever-evolving demands of the workforce.

When asked about the main adjective that comes to mind regarding his future career, Rizzo confidently stated “adaptive”. The dynamic nature of his field, which requires constant response to market trends, new technologies, and diverse client needs, is something he is ready to embrace. He credits Athens State and his instructors for instilling in him the tools and technical skills needed to continue learning and adapting throughout his career.

As Rizzo looks forward to graduating in the Spring of 2024, his time at Athens State stands as a testament to the transformative power of a supportive academic community. For Rizzo, Athens State has been more than his diploma; it has been a nurturing ground for dreams, professional development, and collaboration which will pave the way to a promising career and future.

About Kappa Pi

Kappa Pi International Art Honor Society promotes artistic excellence at the collegiate level and beyond by maintaining high academic excellence.  Kappa Pi recognizes deserving artists and those interested in and supportive of the arts at Athens State University. Learn more HERE.

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