Computer Science

Computer Science

The degree programs in Computer Science provide students with a strong foundation in programming, problem analysis, problem solving, and software engineering, significantly supplemented with practical experience using hardware and software resources available in contemporary computer laboratories maintained by the Department. There are two Computer Science pathways: Computer Science, and Computer Science with a Concentration in Information Security. The Computer Science major curriculum is designed to prepare students for business and industry or graduate school. The curriculum for the Computer Science major with a Concentration in Information Security provides students with the knowledge of technologies and methods to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and the computing devices that store information. The goal of this curriculum is to prepare students to be able to demonstrate understanding of information assurance issues, and have the skills to solve problems related to computer programming, computer networking, and information security.

All students must complete:

Area DisciplineCredit Hours
Written Composition(6 hours total)
Humanities/Fine Arts(12 hours total)
At least one fine arts course 3
At least one literature course*3
Other courses in humanities or fine arts6
Mathematics and Natural Sciences(11 hours total)
Precalculus Algebra or Precalculus Algebra and Trigonometry3
Natural Sciences (lab based)8
History/Behavioral and Social Sciences(12 hours total)
At least one history course*3
Other courses in history or behavioral/social science9
*Students must complete a 6 hour sequence in either Literature (Area II) or History (Area IV).
DisciplineCredit Hours
Precalculus Trigonometry*3
Calculus I4
Calculus II4
Calculus III4
Microcomputer Applications3
Computer Programming Course3
CS 317 Computer Science I or sufficient score on Placement Exam0-3
HU 321 Research Sources and Skills1
*If Precalculus Algebra (3 hours) is completed to satisfy the Area III mathematics requirement, the student should complete Precalculus Trigonometry (3 hours) in addition to Precalculus Algebra. Completion of Precalculus Algebra and Trigonometry (4 hours) will satisfy both the Area III mathematics requirement and the Area V requirement for Trigonometry. If the 4 hour Precalculus course has been
taken, additional general electives may be required.
Fundamentals of Computer Science CoursesHours
CS 318 Computer Science II3
CS 309 Introduction to Digital Logic Design3
CS 309L Digital Design Lab1
CS 310 Professional Ethics of Computing1
CS 372 Data Structures3
MA 308 Discrete Mathematics3
Mathematics Background CoursesHours
MA 310 Matrices and Linear Algebra3
MA 331 Applied Probability and Statistics3
Upper Level 300/400 Mathematics electives (MA 316, 320, or 400-level MA courses
except MA 454) with prior approval of the faculty advisor
Fundamentals of Computer Networking Courses
CN 301 Networking Fundamentals2
CN 302 Local Area Networks2
Computer Science Core Courses
CS 414 Programming Language3
CS 415 Operating Systems3
Capstone Experience Courses
CS 451 Software Engineering3
CS 452 Senior Software Engineering Project3
CS 452L Senior Software Engineering Project Lab1

All students must also select a pathway and complete the required courses:

Computer Science and Information Technology Advanced Courses
CS 340 Introduction to Assembly Language3-4
CS 417 Topics in Object Oriented Programming3
CS 472 Algorithm Analysis3
ITE 440 Database Systems3
Upper Level Electives in CS, ITE, CN
300/400-level Electives in CS, ITE, or CN taken at Athens State with prior approval of the faculty advisor (except ITE 301, CS 305, CS 317)3
400-level Elective in CS, ITE, or CN taken at Athens State with prior approval of the faculty advisor3

ABET Computing Accreditation Commission

Computer Networking Advanced Courses
CN 303 Wide Area Networks2
CN 304 Network Architectures2
CN 405 Network Security3
CN 405L Network Security Lab1
Information Security Courses
ITE 420 Foundations of Information Security3
ITE 421 Digital Forensics3
CS 454 System Security Management3
CS 484 Applied Cryptography and System Security3
Technology Management Courses
IAM 409 Management of Information Assurance3
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