Use of University Vehicles

Athens State University has vehicles available in the motor pool for official travel essential to the operation of the university.

Faculty and staff members may schedule the use of university vehicles for authorized and approved university business by calling the Security Office at extension 225 or 222.

Please be ready to answer the following questions:

  • Destination
  • Reason for the trip
  • Time of check out and time of check-in

The person reserving a vehicle must have a valid driver’s license, and only Athens State University faculty and staff may drive the vehicle. Keys to all vehicles and reservation sheets are located in the Security Office. The motor pool vehicles are located in the parking lots to the east and west of the Campus Security Office.

Please reserve vehicles in as much advance notice as possible. The use of university vehicles will be granted based on the distance and duration of trips. Under certain circumstances, higher priority university needs may cause the use of a vehicle to be delayed or canceled. When considering the priority of usage, favorable consideration will be given to those traveling the greatest distance. If there are multiple people traveling to the same location, carpools may be set up to accommodate as many people as possible with the university vehicles.

A PIN must be obtained to use gas cards for university vehicles. Please call the Security Office to have a PIN assigned and a Driver Acknowledgement form signed before a vehicle is checked out. Please make arrangements to have a PIN assigned a couple of days ahead of a scheduled trip. This will ensure the PIN will be operational in the system. Gas cards are located in the glove compartment of each university vehicle and are to be used for the purchase of gasoline for university-owned vehicles only. To use the gas cards, a gas station that accepts WEX cards must be found. The odometer reading and PIN must be entered into the gas pump. Please obtain a receipt from the gas pump or the attendant.

Upon returning to campus, vehicles should promptly be returned to the motor pool parking lot and signed back in at the Security Office. The person responsible for the vehicle should make sure the vehicle is in good condition, with all items removed, and the gas tank at least ½ full. Keys and gas receipts with a person’s name written on it should be returned to the Security Office. All vehicle maintenance and malfunctions should also be reported to the Security Office.

In order to find a participating gas station, there is a free app for your smartphone. Search the App Store for WEX Connect.