Aid in the Bookstore

Authorizing Your Financial Aid in the Bookstore

You may authorize your financial aid for use in the Bookstore toward certain educational expenses. Follow the steps below to authorize:

  1. Visit and login
  2. Under Tools on the left-hand side, select Banner Self Service
  3. Select “Financial Aid”
  4. Select “My Account and Award Information”
  5. Select “View Awards by Aid Year” and choose the appropriate award year to view
  6. Select “Resources/Additional Information”
  7. Select then submit “Yes” for the Title IV Payment Authorization

Searching the Online Bookstore

Once you have authorized your financial aid for use in the Bookstore, your account should update within an hour. You may then visit the Bookstore website and use their “Shop by Student ID” function to list your required books without manually having to enter any courses.

Utilizing the Access Athens Program

Athens State University is pleased to offer a new, more affordable way to access textbooks and other course material. The “Access Athens” program is designed to provide instant digital access to course material at a reduced rate, helping you succeed in your course from the very beginning!

  • Reduces the cost of required textbooks and other course materials
  • Provides instant digital access to the textbook and other course material on the very first day of class
  • Allows you to view the material in Blackboard and download portions of the material on your computer, tablet, or smartphone to access offline

Financial Aid is eligible to cover these costs after authorization. These options will also be shown online using the “Shop by Student ID” Bookstore function.