New Degree and Certificate Programs Approved for Fall 2021

Founders Hall

Athens State University is excited to announce that the following new programs have been approved by the Alabama Commission on Higher Education (ACHE) and will begin during the Fall 2021 semester.

Degree Program:

B.S. in Homeland & Corporate Security – This program will help students develop an understanding of historical and contemporary issues in homeland security, corporate security, and emergency preparedness. Students will also develop skills related to threat system management including criminal threats related to drugs and human trafficking; learn how to implement Corporate Security strategies related to the protection of goods, systems, and intellectual property; and develop and evaluate emergency disaster pre-plans, recovery plans, risk assessment, and after-action reports.

Pre-Health Certificate – This certificate provides non-traditional and first-generation college students a tangible course plan for applying to professional schools such as medical, dental, pharmacy, and veterinary programs. In addition, students who enroll in this certificate program will have access to a pre-health advisor who can help them plan for non-course related requirements, such as standardized tests, shadowing, and application materials.

Certificate in Forensic Accounting – This certificate program will validate students’ knowledge and skills in forensic and investigative accounting while preparing them for careers in forensic accounting, professional certifications (including the CPA), and advancement into graduate programs.

Graduate Certificate in Strategic Business Analytics – This graduate certificate program will validate students’ knowledge and skills specific to using and interpreting analytics in a business and decision-making setting. Business analytics knowledge and skills are critical for organizations to remain competitive, improve performance, and make decisions.

Graduate Certificate in Strategic Leadership – This graduate certificate program will provide an opportunity for individuals to enhance the professional knowledge, skills, and professional acumen needed to effectively draw upon strategic leadership models through the integration of business analytics to convert data into deployable, strategy-grounded actions for both the public and private sectors.

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