Acquisition and Contract Management

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OnlineU Most Affordable Online DegreesMost businesses and organizations are built and maintained through relationships with employees, vendors, suppliers, and regulatory agencies. Acquisition & Contract Management (ACM) creates a framework for timelines, expectations, budgets, and partnerships, forming the basis of understanding and agreements concerning essential products and services that allow the business to remain viable.

The Master of Science in Acquisition and Contract Management program is designed for professionals from diverse backgrounds seeking a degree that prepares them with the strategic decision-making skills necessary for management positions in any organization. The program focuses on procurement, contract negotiations, cost principles, and subcontract formulation, among other topics related to acquisition and contract management.

Learning outcomes for this program include:

  • Demonstrating advanced knowledge of ACM concepts, techniques, practices, and processes
  • Ability to apply quality management tools for process improvement and analyze regional and global business environments to institute ACM purchasing concepts to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Develop and implement ACM strategies that are sensitive to universally accepted moral and societal standards that benefit all classes of people and the environment
  • Demonstrate an understanding of motivational theories and effective leadership practices across global private and government sectors worldwide
  • Communicate effectively both orally and in written form
  • Demonstrate the ability to make ethical decisions in a global environment

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