Interactive Design

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The Interactive Design certificate program consists of four courses taught by both art and computer science professors and will prepare students to create websites, interfaces, and experience designs. Students will learn UI/UX design, digital media design, and web development for multimedia applications. The program will emphasize user research and visual design for effective digital communication and usability.

Career opportunities associated with Interactive Design are endless, from design studios to software companies to small businesses and nonprofits.

Example careers include:

  • Freelance UX/UI Designer
  • Experience Designer
  • Front-End Web Designer
  • Freelance Product Designer

Because the courses have no prerequisites, students from any major can complete the certificate!

The certificate program courses include:

  • AR 302 – Photoshop Essentials
  • CS 307 – Foundations of Web Design
  • ITE 350 – UX Design
  • AR 405 – Interface Design




Bachelor of Fine Arts


Art with Minor in Education

Bachelor of Arts