Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a field of study of supply chain networks that organizations use to acquire, produce, and deliver goods and services all over the world.

The logistics and supply chain management degree program is holistic because of the integration of the sources, production, distribution, and reverse logistics processes.  We focus extensively on management information systems that are a key critical enabler of efficiency, effectiveness, and responsiveness.  Our faculty, both full-time as well as adjunct, remain active in the logistics programs through their leadership of organizations and programs in both the private as well as the public sector.  This allows our students to understand the theoretical aspects of logistics and supply chain management while also gaining a keen understanding of how it is applied in business settings today.  Our faculty collaborate with colleagues in other disciplines as well as with practicing senior managers in both government and the private sector.

Our focus is to prepare students for technical, functional, and leadership positions at top-tier businesses and government agencies. Our students work closely with faculty from the onset of their program to ensure the best preparation for life after graduation, including working on research projects that could lead to publication in academic journals. There are great universities across America with logistics and supply chain programs similar to ours. What distinguishes Athens State is our faculty; and, when coupled with the support resources available to students, there is no university that will better prepare students to be highly competitive to take advantage of great career opportunities in many business fields. To ensure a high degree of flexibility we offer both in-person and online logistics and supply chain management degree options.

Students will learn how to plan and forecast demand for products and services and gain an understanding of operations involving the movement of materials from raw materials for production to providing the finished product to the end consumer. After gaining an understanding of the supply chain function, students will learn how to manage the logistical movement of goods and products including the transportation and services involved. An emphasis will be placed on understanding these functions within the government setting.
Career Opportunities

  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Materials Planners
  • Global Logistics Managers

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  • $85K MEDIAN 2019 SALARY FOR Management Analysts WITH A BACHELOR'S DEGREE


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