The Writing Center is a campus resource for everyone on campus- and that includes faculty! Whether you’re writing for publication, putting together your tenure portfolio, looking for ways to incorporate writing into your courses, or referring students to us, we’re here with lots of ways to support you as educators and writers. 

We offer workshops and webinars for our faculty as in person events, online meetings, and recorded presentations on a variety of professional and academic subjects. We aim to best meet the needs of our faculty as they are both teachers of writing and writers themselves! If there is a specific topic you would like us to weigh in on, please contact us!

You may refer a student to the Writing Center for a tutoring session. Submit this form then direct your student to make an appointment with us. You will receive a follow-up report after their appointment.

You may make a session with the Writing Center a requirement for an assignment. We ask that you fill out the form below to let us know more about your class.

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We have a wide variety of services for our faculty and staff to incorporate the Writing Center into their courses. We offer classroom visits, embedded videos for Canvas course, focused writing group sessions, and writing-specific workshops.

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