We value writing as a process and believe that collaboration is an essential part of that process. All writers learn from talking about their writing with other readers and writers. Our tutors will work with you at any stage of the writing process, but we won’t do the work for you. Writers should expect to actively participate in their tutoring sessions, whether in-person, online, or eTutoring- from keeping your scheduled appointments to uploading files required for online appointments, and being prepared to work with your tutor all help us better help you! We are not a proofreading service, so you don’t need to wait until your paper is “finished” to make an appointment- even if you don’t have anything written down yet, book a session, and we can help you get started on the right track. 

Types of Appointments


We make all of our appointments for consultation sessions online through WC Scheduler. Go to and register for an account using your ASU email address. Choose between an in-person, online, or eTutoring consultation,. We recommend in-person appointments whenever possible, as we help writers work closely with our awesome librarians and their research assistance expertise as well. 


However, we understand a large portion of our study body is enrolled in distance learning courses, so we also offer online virtual sessions via Zoom. Our online Zoom appointments provide real-time interaction with your Writing Center consultant to provide the same session experience and feedback as a face-to-face appointment. To get to your online meeting room, log into the WC Scheduler, select your appointment box (it will be green), and follow the red link in the appointment details to join your Zoom meeting room. After each type of session, every client will receive a follow-up email as a recap of their meeting and links to additional helpful resources.


If neither in-person nor online sessions are viable options for you, we offer eTutoring services as well. On the appointment menu, select the e-Tutoring option and upload your work to be reviewed along with any assignment guidelines and rubrics. There is no live virtual meeting time for eTutoring; your Writing Center consultant will respond with general feedback, suggestions, and resources for your writing and specific concerns you may request to be addressed via an emailed report. Please note that there is a 48-hour turnaround time for e-Tutoring consultations from the time of your scheduled appointment. For example, you will receive your session report for an eTutoring appointment on Wednesday at 4 pm or Friday at 4 pm. 

We ask that upon scheduling, you upload any related documents to your work and assignment instructions/grading rubrics for staff to review before any session. Our consultants prepare for each session by looking over your documents and requests before your appointment time to give you the best service possible! For online appointments, consultants and clients can view uploaded documents together in the Zoom session. Please note that you must attach all files for eTutoring sessions- otherwise, we won’t have anything to review and give feedback on! The field to attach files is at the bottom of the appointment booking page.