Registered Students

Requests should be made via phone (256-233-8143), e-mail, or in person at Accessibility Services.

Students that are registered with Accessibility Services are responsible for:

  • Being an advocate for yourself
  • Collaborating with faculty to discuss approved accommodation needs and situations that may arise
  • Keeping Accessibility Services informed of new diagnoses/medications/situational changes which may affect your ability to function in an academic setting
  • Requesting amendments or additions to academic accommodation plans
  • Requesting auxiliary services (interpreters, alternative texts, CART reporting, video captioning, test proctoring, etc.)
  • Requesting that Accommodation Letters be sent to their professors on a semester-by-semester basis. Registered students must send the Accessibility Services Specialist their semester schedules each semester. This schedule indicates that the student wishes to receive accommodations again that semester and that Accessibility Services has the student’s permission to inform their professors of their accommodations. It is not done automatically. Semester schedules can be sent via (e-mail), by fax (256-233-8143), or in-person to Accessibility Services. Schedules should include the following information:
    • Student Name
    • Student Number
    • Semester
    • Course Name
    • CRN
    • Date/Time of Class
    • Delivery Mode: DL- Online, DL-Blended, Traditional

Services and Accommodations

The following services and accommodations may be offered to students registered with Accessibility Services. Please note that this is not an inclusive list of accommodations that Accessibility Services offers and all accommodation requests are made on an individualized basis.

Alternative Text

Students are encouraged to sign up for a free individual membership for Bookshare ( Bookshare has accessible textbooks readily available for members. Accessibility Services will work with individuals and Bookshare to verify disabilities and to help students utilize the website and technology.

If books are not readily available from Bookshare, students may request accessible reading materials from Accessibility Services. Please request Alt-Text conversions with at least 6 weeks’ notice and schedule an appointment to provide proof-of-purchase of textbooks. Formats such as Braille, Braille music, and Tactile Formats require 12 working weeks to complete. We cannot guarantee that we will fulfill all last-minute requests, but we will make a good-faith effort to fulfill the request. The following information will be needed when you make a request:

  • Student Name
  • Semester Needed
  • Format Needed
  • Title
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Edition
  • ISBN#
  • Instructor
  • Course Number

An Alternative Text Request Form is available for your convenience.

When contacting future instructors, students need to explain that they will be in their classes next semester and need printed materials in an accessible format. Students should request advance copies of any print materials needed during the semester. This may include but is not limited to, course packets, handouts, articles, syllabi, and extra desk copies of the textbook(s). Explain to the instructors that any materials they lend or donate might be cut and removed from the binding if conversion services are necessary. RENTAL TEXTBOOKS MAY BE DISASSEMBLED WITH SPECIAL AUTHORIZATION.

Interpreters/CART/Video Captioning

Accessibility Services coordinates Interpreters/CART/Video Captioning services for students at Athens State University. Students needing Interpreter/Cart/Video Captioning services are encouraged to make requests for these services with preferably four weeks’ notice prior to the first date of request and provide a written schedule for all classes, labs, and meetings in which they will need services. We cannot guarantee that we will fulfill all last-minute requests, but we will make a good-faith effort to fulfill the request.

An Interpreters/CART/Video Captioning Request Form is available for your convenience.

Exam Proctoring

Accessibility Services provides Exam Proctoring to students registered with Accessibility Services that are provided with this accommodation. Students are responsible for communicating this need to their professors and requesting tests/examinations to be delivered to Accessibility Services. Requests for Exam Proctoring should be made with at least two business days notice and testing appointments are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. We cannot guarantee that we will fulfill all last-minute requests, but we will make a good-faith effort to fulfill the request.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking software is available on loan through the Accessibility Services office.

Live Scribe Pens

Live Scribe Pens are available on loan through Accessibility Services.

Equipment Loan Form is available for your convenience.