Faculty Toolbox

Experience | Success

As a faculty member, you are a critical piece of the puzzle in encouraging students to make the most of their education by connecting real-world activities to their academic work. While this begins with encouraging purposeful engagement within and beyond the classroom, the most challenging step is to help students understand the connections between the activities they participate in and what they are learning in the class. How is the learning from class contradicted or reinforced by the activity? How does experiential learning activities in the classroom impact future decisions? These cognitive connections across experiences are what the Experience | Success initiative is all about.

The Office of Experiential Learning and Special Projects (OELSP) is here to help you consider and plan ways to integrated experiential learning activities into your courses and curricula. Want to get your students to participate in expeditions, research, hands-on work, workplace experiences, or out in the community?

In the Fall 2021, OELSP held Share and Plan events for faculty and staff to be able to discuss EL activities that are taking place at Athens State University.

OELSP is currently accepting faculty applications for the 2023-2025 Experiential Learning Faculty Fellowship. Visit the Fellowship page for more information and application.

Applying learning to real-world context is the basis of experiential learning which requires student reflection and feedback on their engagement. Have we included your Experiential Learning Activities for students in the official class list of EL courses?

You can submit information about your Experiential Learning activity through the Experiential Learning Request Form.  You can also submit your interest in having a course designated as Experiential Learning and/or go through one of our workshops to complete this process and receive assistance.

If you are interested in being part of a workshop or in having someone for the Office of Experiential Learning and Special Projects visit your class or student group, please complete the Experiential Learning Request Form.  We look forward to assisting you and your students!