Student Projects

Class: BI 313 Bioinformatics
EL Category: Research
Activity Description: Students investigated genetic variants with unknown effects identified by clinicians in the CODE project through HudsonAlpha.
Contact: Dr. Sara Cline,

Class: MG 390 Operations Management
EL Category: Hands-On Learning
Activity Description: Operations Management students utilize a simulator through McGraw-Hill Connect called Practice Operations. Practice Operations puts players in the role of an operations decision-maker for a clothing manufacturing company.
Contact: Dr. Kim Roberts,

Class: PS 498 Internship in Psychology
EL Category: Workplace Learning 
Activity Description:  Students work on a project tailored and individualized to meet the needs of the internship site, engage students in the theoretical and applied aspects of the work.
Contact: Dr. Vanessa Miller-Curtis,

Class: AR 450 Art Internship
EL Category:
Workplace Learning
Activity Description:
  Students work directly with a supervisor conducting any activities in a business relative to the student’s area of expertise and career interest. In this example, Reagan worked at a printing company in the spring of 2021. She started with the most basic tasks like helping clients create their printing orders and designs. She also observed the printing press operations and the graphic design process. When the semester ended, she was hired by that company.
Contact: Prof. Pamela Keller,

Class: CS/ITE 452 Senior Software Engineering Project
EL Category: Research
Activity Descriptions: Under the supervision of a faculty member students worked on the development of software in current research areas of Computer Science and Information Technology.  Students were able to co-publish conference posters and papers with their respective supervising faculty, these were published in the regional proceedings of the Association of Computing and Machinery (ACM).
Contact: Prof. Katia Maxwell,

Class: AR 442 Special Topics in Art
EL Category: Hands-On, Community Engagement
Activity Description: Students were introduced to the processes of mural painting–from wall preparation to varnishing–while working on a 40′ mural at the Alabama Veterans Museum.  Students were acquainted with the unique materials and technical limitations of mural painting compared to other types of painting and worked towards the development of a maintenance plan for their work. In addition, students demonstrated their proficiency in a number of portrait painting techniques that included stenciling, direct grid transfers, and free-handed painting. Over the course of nine weeks, the students completed a collective 200 hours on the mural.
Contact: Prof. Jamie Adams,

Biology Classes

Class: BI303/L General Ecology
EL Category: Expedition, Research
Activity Description: (P1) Students sample fish diversity in North Alabama creeks, Piney Creek, Athens, AL. (P2) Students sample forest floor diversity at Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, Decatur, AL.
Contact: Dr. Shannon Pittman,

Class: BI451/L Marine Biology
EL Category: Expedition
Activity Description: (P3, P5) Students investigate coastal ecosystem ecology, Dauphin Island, AL. (P6) Students investigate the diversity of marine ecosystems through sampling in Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico
Contact: Dr. Shannon Pittman,

Class: BI311/L Biodiversity of North Alabama
EL Category: Expedition, Research
Activity Description: (P4) Students travel to a Wildlife Management Area and work with state biologist to sample ephemeral ponds; this student found a snapping turtle overwintering in a pond, Freedom Hills and Lauderdale WMA, Jackson County, AL
Contact: Dr. Shannon Pittman,

Class: BI453/L Plant Ecology
EL Category: Expedition
Activity Description: (P7) Students investigate how climate and elevation impact forest ecosystems in the eastern United States, Great Smoky Mountains; learn tree identification and point-transect sampling
Contact: Dr. Shannon Pittman,

Class: CS/ITE 452 Senior Software Engineering Project & AR 450 Art Internship (not displayed)
EL Category: Community Engagement
Activity Descriptions: CS/ITE students worked in collaboration with Art (Graphic Design) students to design and develop a website for a community sponsor.  Work completed can be viewed at and
Project Sponsors: Leigh Patters, Director of Keep Athens Limestone Beautiful, and Sandee Kranz, Owner of The SK Salon
Contact: Prof. Katia Maxwell,