Important Information

Educational Assistance Programs

Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance Program (Chapter 35)

Vocational Rehabilitation (Chapter 31)

How to Apply

All prospective students must complete the appropriate application for admission to Athens State University. Transfer applicants must provide official transcripts from all institutions previously attended. Once acceptance to the University is granted, contact the Office of Veterans Affairs to apply for benefits. The chapter under which you are filing will determine the documentation required by the VA to certify your benefits.

If you have previously received benefits at another institution, you must submit a “Change of Place of Training” Form, and a “Change of Address” form.

Approved Programs

An excellent way for veterans to use their educational benefits is pursuing a VA approved course of study at an institution of higher learning. All programs of study must be approved by the State Approving Agency in order to be certified by the VA for payment of benefits. All degree programs at Athens State University are currently approved by the State Approving Agency.

Course Loads

A full-time course load for a student receiving veteran’s benefits is twelve hours or more; a three-quarter time course load is nine hours, a one-half time course load is six hours.

If a veteran fails a required course, he/she may repeat that course with pay. However, he/she cannot repeat a course just to improve a grade and receive payment through the Veterans Administration.

Academic Progress

Veterans must attend classes regularly and continue to show satisfactory progress. Benefit payments will not be made for courses from which you withdraw unless mitigating circumstances exist.

Accelerated Courses

A veteran’s monthly check for educational benefits could change if an accelerated course (weekend, one week, one month, etc.) is taken. See the Veterans Affairs Office on campus for additional information.

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