Meet Rosalind

Rosalind Powell

Meet Rosalind Powell, a graduate of the Athens State BEAR Program! Powell chose the Individualized Degree Program with an emphasis on Health Care Management and graduated in the Summer of 2023.

Oftentimes, life circumstances cause students to make the difficult decision of leaving school. The BEAR Program exists to help students, like Rosalind Powell, with readmission and degree completion. Because of the BEAR Program, Powell was able to receive scholarship funds and return to Athens State to continue her education.

“My BEAR Program experience gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dream of being a college graduate,” stated Powell. “It afforded me the opportunity to continue my education while relieving the financial burden of education.”

Powell shared that her enrollment advisor, Katelyn Hayes, was a wonderful help to her every step of the way by answering questions and keeping her informed about new updates or information along the way.

“It (BEAR Program) afforded me opportunities to share my experience and encourage others,” shared Powell. “I am thankful that it was truly a breath of fresh air.”

Athens State plays an important role in the life of each aspiring college graduate. Students come to the University eager and hopeful to finish their degree. They are met with faculty and staff to help them reach their full potential.

According to Powell, Athens State truly lives up to the mission of preparing adults to reach their career goals. Powell shared that Athens State prepared her for the workforce by introducing her to cutting-edge technology and workforce processes that grew her confidence and skills, making her a relevant candidate for any job in Health Care Management.

We are pleased that Powell plans to stay with us for graduate school and look forward to the bright road ahead for her!

About the BEAR Program

At Athens State, we know it isn’t how you started that matters – it’s how you finish – and we are committed to helping you get back on the path towards finishing your degree! There is no timeline for your academic journey. Join the BEAR program and finish your degree with confidence! The “Benefits of Education by Academic Readmission,” or BEAR Program, can help you connect with the resources needed, such as readmission assistance, dedicated academic advising, guided course selection & registration assistance, and opportunities for financial assistance. Learn more HERE.

About the Individualized Degree Program

The Individualized Degree Program (IDP), through the College of Arts and Sciences, allows you to design a unique college experience and education that meets your personal and career goals. Designed by each student, in consultation with faculty, the program offers a creative path to a four-year degree. The Individualized Degree Program allows you to pursue your interests and develop skills that will prepare you for employment opportunities or future graduate study. The program also allows students to complete certificates to focus the degree in areas that are most relevant for their career and educational goals. The IDP provides a flexible degree path that may be completed online. Learn more HERE.

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