Policies and Resolutions

Policies set by the Board of Trustees expressing the comprehensive or overriding expectations and/or requirements of the Board, as the executive body governing the University, related to achieving the mission of the University or to the duties of the President.

Resolutions adopted by the Board of Trustees

Adopted March 27, 2023

Resolution No. 1-03-27-2023 – Termination of Agreement with Archer (PDF)

Adopted July 15, 2022

Resolution No. 1-07-15-2022 – Sister City Agreement (PDF)
Resolution No. 2-07-15-2022 – Contract Management Policy Revision (PDF)
Resolution No. 3-07-15-2022 – Establishment of Audit Committee (PDF)
Resolution No. 4-07-15-2022 – Macke Mauldin Service Commendation (PDF)
Resolution No. 5-07-15-2022 – Ronnie Chronister Service Commendation (PDF)

Adopted January 15, 2021

Resolution 1-01-15-2021 Bond Refinance (PDF)

Adopted January 17, 2020

Resolution 1-01-17-2020 Beaty Mason (PDF)
Resolution 2-01-17-2020 Joint Construction Project (PDF)

Adopted July 19, 2019

Resolution No. 1-10-18-2019 – Alabama Commission on Higher Education – Deferred Maintenance Grant Program (PDF)

Adopted July 19, 2019

Resolution No. 1-07-19-2019 – Presidential Authorization (PDF)

Adopted May 17, 2019

Alabama Center for the Arts Foundation (PDF)
Appointment of the University President (PDF)
Contract Extension for Interim President (PDF)

Adopted January 18, 2019

Presidential Candidate Interviews (PDF)

Adopted October 19, 2018

Library Naming Rights (PDF)
Service Commendation – Pat Sims (PDF)

Adopted August 28, 2018

Out-of-State Tuition for Military Dependents (PDF)

Adopted July 20, 2018

Presidential Search Process (PDF)

Adopted June 13, 2018

President Glenn’s Last Date of Employment (PDF)
Contract with Collegiate Enterprise Solutions, LLC (PDF)
Presidential Search Firm (PDF)

Adopted April 21, 2017

Commending Dr. Jesse C. Brown II for Professional Achievement and Dedicated Service (PDF)

Adopted October 21, 2016

Transfer of Student Assistance Funds to Foundation (PDF)
Financial Benefits of Certain Food Service Contracts (PDF)

Adopted July 17, 2015

Rick Mould Service Resolution (PDF)

Adopted April 17, 2015

Dr. Robert Burkhardt Service Resolution (PDF)
Masters of Arts in Education Elite Resolution (PDF)

Adopted October 17, 2014

Resolution to Repeal University Policy 100.02 (PDF)

Adopted April 18, 2014

Resolution for Issuance of Debt for ACA Phase II (PDF)

Adopted January 17, 2014

Resolution for Degree Review (PDF)

Adopted October 18, 2013

Resolution for Act 2013-423 (PDF)
Resolution to Acquire and or Condemn Certain Real Property (PDF)

Adopted July 19, 2013

Legal Liability Insurance for the Board of Trustees (PDF)

Adopted January 13, 2013

Purchase of Real Property and Approval for Capital Improvements (PDF)