Frequently Asked Questions

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Athens State University has admissions requirements for Joint Admissions/Transfer Students. Please visit the admissions website to ensure you meet these requirements.

Joint Admissions allows students to be admitted to a partner community college and Athens State University at the same time with the understanding that the student will complete the associate degree at their community college then transfer to Athens State University as a junior student to complete a bachelor’s degree.

Concurrent Enrollment occurs when students enroll at two schools during the same term.  Financial aid can only be available at one school (home college) during any term, so concurrent enrollment requires coordination between the two schools to appropriately award and disburse financial aid.  Concurrent Enrollment requires a Consortium Agreement to be signed by the student and both school financial aid offices.

Send an email to with your full name, date of birth, Athens State University Student ID (if you have it), and ask for your application to be changed to Joint Admissions with your community college. Be sure to include your current school ID number.

You should apply as a Joint Admissions student as soon as possible. More information regarding the application process can be found on the Getting Started webpage. Joint Admissions students must also adhere to the admission application deadlines.

As a Joint Admissions student, you can pursue any degree available at the Athens State University campus where you enroll. It is important to see an advisor at your Athens State University campus location. Your advisor will help you choose the right courses and degree from your community college that will best fit your bachelor’s degree program.

Yes. The most up to date scholarship information can be found on the  Athens State University scholarship website.

Meet with your community college advisor and your Athens State University advisor every semester. Make sure each academic advisor knows your plan to obtain a four-year degree from Athens State University.

Yes. Your Athens State University email account (TopperMail) is created 24 hours after you register for your first Athens State University course. Toppermail is the official means of communication for Athens State University admissions, financial aid, billings, parking and transportation, etc.

Athens State University issued accounts include TopNet. TopNet is where you will register for your courses, check your financial aid status, view your grades, and view your Athens State University bill. You are strongly encouraged to check TopNet often. If you are unsure how to use TopNet, please visit the IT website or contact the IT Help Desk at 745-7000.