Alabama Center for the Arts “Continuation” Exhibit Now on Display Virtually

The Alabama Center for the Arts is pleased to announce its newest art exhibit, “Continuation,” on display now through July 1.

“Continuation” features the uniquely artistic talents of Guadalupe Lanning Robinson, a native of Mexico City, who has lived in Alabama for more than 30 years with her husband, an Alabama native.

Robinson’s pottery is a blend of her Mexican culture and tradition with the culture and tradition of the Deep South. She also creates quilts with mesmerizing patterns and designs, including a unique flair that distinguishes her work from that of other artists.

Robinson works with different colored clays and textures to create hand-tooled, intricate designs of geometric shapes and patterns that adorn her pottery. She mixes the clay herself to create the colors and textures she wants and uses different sized needles to create the designs drawn on the pots. Her pottery is wheel-thrown with Stoneware clay, bisque fired, and glazed only on the inside.

After living in Alabama for many years, Robinson has cultivated a deep appreciation for the craft of quilting, which she has practiced for over 10 years. Her quilts are 100 percent cotton, machine pieced and quilted. Robinson said she uses the “best quality batting, thread, and fabric in the market.”

The “Continuation” exhibit features 16 pots and nine quilts, all designed and hand-made by Robinson. She says the title “Continuation” originated from the understanding that “life has to continue.”

Guadalupe Lanning Robinson has a ceramics degree from Centro de Artes Plásticas y Artesanias Independencia, a university for artisans in Mexico City. She resides in Huntsville where she has a studio in the historic Lowe Mill. Her work has been on exhibit around the country, especially throughout the South. Robinson has twice been the recipient of an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Alabama State Council on the Arts.

The exhibit will be open to the public free of charge. For more information about Guadalupe Lanning Robinson and her artwork, please visit

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