Employee Handbook

Effective October 1 2012, Athens State University became an independent educational institution governed by an independent Board of Trustees. As part of the transition to an autonomous institution, the University is in the process of conducting a thorough review of all University policies, procedures and guidelines. Consequently, the information, policies, and procedures published in the Athens State University Employee Handbook (November 2008 version, with revisions in April 2009) are currently under review.

Subsequent to the transition in governance, some of the descriptions, policies, and procedures found in the Employee Handbook have been superseded by new statements that have been reviewed by faculty and staff when appropriate, and have been approved by the University administration through the appropriate channels. These new statements can be found in the appropriate sections of theĀ Athens State University Policy Library.

As new policies and procedure statements are developed, reviewed, and approved through the appropriate channels, the new statements will be added to the Policy Library.