North Alabama Educators Credit Union
Participation in the Credit Union is available. Please visit their website for contact information.

Bookstore Discounts
A 10% discount off the total purchase price is offered to faculty and staff at the University Bookstore. Please contact the Bookstore at 256-233-8249 for more information.

Direct Deposit
The payroll check of an employee may be automatically deposited into his/her bank account. To do so, you may choose Direct Deposit Authorization from the Payroll Forms web page. For more information, please call the Payroll office at 256-216-3302.

Tuition Waiver Program
Definitions and guidelines for tuition assistance eligibility may be requested from the Office of Human Resources.

Sick Leave Bank
Employees may be eligible to join a Sick Leave Bank which allows participants who have used up all sick leave to borrow up to 15 days against days that they will be earning in the future. Details may be obtained from the Office of Human Resources.

Teacher Retirement System
The TRS is a defined benefit plan qualified under Section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code. Eligible employees are categorized by the TRS as Tier 1 (member prior to 01/01/2013) or Tier 2 (member on or after 01/01/2013). As explained in the TRS Member Handbooks, the plan provides disability and service retirement benefits to members and survivor benefits to qualified beneficiaries. A defined benefit plan provides the member with a specific benefit at retirement by calculating his/her retirement benefit based on a formula, which is listed in the Tier 1 Member Handbook and in the Tier 2 Member Handbook or can be calculated using the Retirement Systems of Alabama (RSA) Retirement Benefit Estimate Calculator. Benefits are payable monthly for the lifetime of the member, possibly continuing for the lifetime of his/her beneficiary.

Participation in the TRS is mandatory if a person is employed in a position eligible for coverage in a non-temporary capacity on at least on a one-half time basis earning at least the federal minimum wage. Once enrolled, the member must continue participation until employment is terminated.

Health Insurance
Full-time employee and permanent part-time employees are eligible for coverage with PEEHIP. Complete details concerning coverage, eligibility, and enrollment may be obtained from the PEEHIP Member Handbook.