Health Insurance

PEEHIP health coverage is available for eligible full-time employees and permanent part-time employees. Details concerning coverage, eligibility, and enrollment may be obtained from the PEEHIP Member Handbook (PDF).

Teachers’ Retirement System

The TRS is a defined benefit plan qualified under Section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code. Eligible employees are categorized by the Retirement System as Tier 1 (member prior to January 1, 2013) or Tier 2 (member on or after January 1, 2013). Participation is mandatory for permanent full-time and part-time employees. Details are available in the TRS Member Handbook (PDF).

Flexible Spending Accounts

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) governed by the IRS Code, allow employees to have income withheld from their paychecks before taxes for eventual reimbursement of certain medical and dependent care expenses. Details are available in the PEEHIP Member Handbook (PDF).

Leave / Time Off

Eligible employees are compensated with paid time off. Review the Leaves with Pay policy (PDF) in the Policy Library for further details and eligibility.

Life Events

Major life events – such as birth or adoption of a child, marriage, or divorce (outlined in the PEEHIP Member Handbook (PDF)) – enable you to make changes to your health care plans and add or drop eligible dependents from coverage.

Life and Disability Insurance

Athens State provides eligible full-time employees with a term life policy. Additional life, accident, and long term disability insurances are available for purchase through payroll deductions. Details are available in the Human Resources Office.

Retirement Planning

The Teachers’ Retirement System provides free retirement planning seminars for employees. Understand the details of your retirement by learning how TRS, health insurance, deferred compensation, and your pension work. These seminars are very beneficial, so employees are encouraged to take advantage throughout their career. A free full-day Retirement Preparation Seminar is available for TRS members within five years of retirement eligibility to help you plan your retirement with confidence. A free half-day, Early to Mid-Career Seminar for TRS members who have 1 to 19 years of service is designed to help you start planning early for a successful and rewarding retirement. Details are available at the TRS website, Retirement Planning

North Alabama Educators Credit Union

Participation in the Credit Union is available. Please visit their website for contact information.

Bookstore Discounts

A 10% discount off the total purchase price is offered to faculty and staff at the University Bookstore. Please contact the Bookstore at 256-233-8249 for more information.

Direct Deposit

The payroll check of an employee may be automatically deposited into/her bank account. For more information, please call the Payroll Office at 256-216-3307.

Tuition Waiver Program

Eligible employees and dependents may participate in the university tuition waiver program. Definitions and guidelines for tuition assistance eligibility may be requested from the Office of Financial Affairs. View the Tuition Waiver – Employees and Dependents Policy.

Sick Leave Bank

Employees may be eligible to join a Sick Leave Bank which allows participants who have used up all sick leave to borrow up to 15 days against days that they will be earning in the future. Details may be obtained from the Office of Human Resources.

Wellness Screenings & Flu Shots

PEEHIP partners with a Wellness Program and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama to help employees live a healthier lifestyle, through various well-being tools and trackers. This confidential and secure health and wellness benefit provide free services for members and their covered spouses to help them live happier, healthier, and more satisfying lives. The Wellness Screenings are provided on campus for the convenience of our employees.