Biology – Bioinformatics

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The Biology – Bioinformatics degree option provides students with knowledge and skills that will give them the ability to relate to, modify, and code minor computer programs involved in the analysis and interpretation of biological datasets.

The biology degree program at Athens State University provides a supportive and inclusive environment for incoming students who wish to expand their understanding of biology’s fundamental concepts, the process of science, and improve their discipline-specific professional skills. We expect our graduates to use the foundation they have built at Athens State University to further their careers, enhance their personal lives, and contribute to society via ethical research, science education, healthcare, environmental stewardship, and community involvement.

In support of this mission, the Biology program provides:

  • a biology degree that can be personalized to prepare students for middle and high school teaching certification, medical & related health fields, graduate school, bioinformatics, and/or fields requiring a general preparation in biology such as field or research technician.
  • an Upper-Level University core curriculum that is intentionally cohesive through continuity of course material and prepares students to meet state and national Biology standards;
  • flexible, student-centered course delivery that supports core content understanding and encourages experiential learning;
  • small lecture and laboratory classes taught by expert faculty that also care about teaching; and
  • advising that recognizes our students’ individual goals and helps them obtain the knowledge and skills they need to meet their own definitions of success through research experiences, service learning projects, and real-world internships.

Athens State is involved in a number of Bioinformatics projects, including the Genomics Education Partnership and the HudsonAlpha CODE (Characterizing our DNA Exceptions) Project.

Our students won First Place Undergraduate poster at the 2021 CODE Symposium for their poster “Neurological Disease Associated with GNAO1 Variant V202I”. You can view their work here: Congratulations to Tyler Williams, Ben Stapleton, and Andrew Hunt!

ASSIST Scholarship Program

We are excited to announce a new scholarship program: Athens State Scholars in STEM (ASSIST). This is a National Science Foundation-funded scholarship available to students majoring in the following: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Information Technology, and Mathematics. Students accepted into this program will receive yearly scholarship funds and access to additional support programs including faculty mentoring, peer support activities, online tutoring, and career development activities such as travel to professional conferences and/or research materials. The goal of this program is to help our STEM students efficiently complete their degrees and enter the workforce and/or graduate school.


Biology – Cellular & Developmental

Bachelor of Science


Biology – Ecology & Organismal

Bachelor of Science