Property & Inventory Management FAQs

How do I request a property transfer?

Departments wishing to transfer equipment may do so by preparing a Property and Inventory Management Transaction Form and check the appropriate box listed under “Type of Transaction”. Upon receipt of the form, the Property and Inventory Management Department will transfer the equipment. The department will need to submit a work order for the physical movement of these items. Only items listed on the form will be moved by Physical Plant employees. Equipment will not be moved prior to receipt of this completed form(s).

Please note that when equipment is transferred to Surplus Property, the transferring department automatically relinquishes all control over that piece of equipment. All funds realized from the sale of surplus items accrue to the appropriate Financial Affairs revenue account. Equipment that is in the Surplus Property area, however, is available to all departments alike on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What happens to items that are transferred to Surplus Property?

Once items are transferred to Surplus, they are available for use by any department on campus – free of charge. This allows Surplus to reutilize property, rather than spend state funds for the same items, saves money, and unnecessary spending.

What is an Athens State University Property Tag?

A property tag is an adhesive strip with “Athens State University” and “Property Number” written on it. It also contains a unique number assigned to each specific University asset.

I have a question about the Property and Inventory Management Procedures who can I talk to?

All questions pertaining to Property and Inventory Management procedures can be answered by the Property and Inventory Management Staff at 256-216-5342 or 256-216-5341.

I recently purchased an item and it came directly to my department without a property tag on it what do I do?

Please call the Property and Inventory Management Staff at 256-216-5342 and a staff member will determine if the item requires a property tag.

How do I go about disposing of obsolete, useless, broken, and/or unwanted equipment?

As a state-funded institute, we are prohibited from throwing away or discarding assets to any particular individual. Therefore, when things are no longer useful to the university, they can be sent to Surplus and then either sold for salvage, transferred to an Alabama K-12 School, taken to Alabama State Surplus, sold at public auction, recycled to the vendor, or cannibalized for parts. A Transaction Form (PDF) must be filled out with the surplus property box checked and sent to the Property and Inventory Management Office. A work order will need to be submitted for the Physical Plant to pick up the item(s).

My department no longer needs an item; can I purchase it for personal use?

The only way an item that was purchased with State funds can be sold is to offer it to the general public. This is done through a public sale.

If my department no longer has a use for an item but another department does how do I go about transferring it to them?

To transfer an item from one department to another, a Transaction Form (PDF) must be filled out with the transfer box checked and sent to the Property and Inventory Management Office.

What are your hours?

We are open Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

If an item has been stolen what steps should I take to get it removed from my department’s inventory?

When there is theft of property, the University Police should always be called and an Incident Report should be completed. A Transaction Form (PDF) should also be filled out with the stolen box checked and a copy of the Incident Report should be attached. The paperwork should then be sent to the Property and Inventory Management Office.

My office recently purchased new equipment and traded in our old equipment for credit. What information do you need to remove the old equipment from our inventory and add the new equipment?

A Transaction Form (PDF) should be filled out for the old equipment and a Purchase Order should be referenced on the Transaction Form so that our office can properly record the addition of the new equipment and the disposal of the old equipment. The form should be sent to the Property and Inventory Management Office.