Mathematics with Minor in Education

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The Mathematics Degree programs prepare students for careers in government, business, and industry or for pursuing graduate studies.

The mathematics degree programs qualify students to pursue graduate studies or assist students to meet the goal of becoming highly qualified in mathematics for state licensure.

The Mathematics degree program with a minor in Education prepares the student to teach mathematics at the high school or middle-grade level.

ASSIST Scholarship Program

We are excited to announce a new scholarship program: Athens State Scholars in STEM (ASSIST). This is a National Science Foundation-funded scholarship available to students majoring in the following: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Information Technology, and Mathematics. Students accepted into this program will receive yearly scholarship funds and access to additional support programs including faculty mentoring, peer support activities, online tutoring, and career development activities such as travel to professional conferences and/or research materials. The goal of this program is to help our STEM students efficiently complete their degrees and enter the workforce and/or graduate school.



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