Planning Coursework with Degree Works

Degree Works is a web-based tool that enables students and their, success coach and advisors to review past, present, and future academic coursework to evaluate which degree requirements are complete and which degree requirements remain. It is one of the most important tools you have as a student.

*Important note, for Degree Works to work it requires your official transcripts from all previous schools attended to be received and evaluated by the university.

It requires official transcript(s)) to work.

  • How transfer courses are applied towards degree requirements*
  • What core classes are needed in order to complete your bachelor’s*
  • Grade point average (GPA) and course grades*
  • In progress / registered classes
  • Credit hours total: overall, earned at Athens State and earned at baccalaureate institutions*
  • Course information: description, prerequisite (if any), times, and teaching method offered in the current/next term, CRN for course registration, and how many open seats remain in the course section.

Degree Works will display the following course offerings/types as follows:

100% Online/Distance Learning: Class is listed in Degree Works with the meeting times as 00:00-00:01

On-Campus/at a Specific Location: Class is listed with a day or days of the week and times.

Blended: Class is delivered online and also has specific on-campus/on-location requirements. The class has a combined listing with “00:00-00:01” and also shows specific days and times that the class will meet.

For detailed course information such as professor and to verify the location, time and days, please use the detailed course schedule.

Did you completed other class(es), but do not see your Degree Works? Degree Works functions from official transcripts. If you have coursework that is not showing it may be one of these reasons:

  • Official transcripts must be received and evaluated from every attended college and university.
  • “In-process” course: Any class listed on your official transcript(s) as “in progress” when received by Athens State will require an updated official transcript that has a grade in order for it to be included in your official record.

Official Transcript send to Athens State University, Office of Admissions, 300 N. Beaty Street, Athens, AL 35611

* New Students are highly encouraged to submit all official transcripts to Athens State as early as possible.