Returning Students

As a returning student, you have been continuously working towards completing your bachelor’s at Athens State.

Need help, have a question, preparing for an upcoming semester, have things you want to run by an expert college navigator, be sure to schedule a one-on-one appointment with your success coach, this can be completed virtually. You can see and make your appointment with your assigned success coach using the student tool Navigate.

Your success coach can work with you on topics such as:

  • A specific question, but do not know where to start
  • Need someone to talk out your situation to
  • Action plan for GPA improvement and academic probation
  • What is the next step(s) or what should be considered
  • What are the required classes for the major/minor (Degree Works)
  • Navigating gaps in general education requirements (100 and 200 level classes)
  • Change a major/minor and how it affects student progress towards bachelor’s completion
  • Registration assistance
  • Appropriate usage of university policies and/or procedures such as course retake
  • Withdrawing from a course after Add/Drop Week and possible consequences
  • A link between the student and the university
  • Readmission (please see Re-Admitting Students below)
  • The Orientation Guide is a good resource to refresh yourself on key tools

With hours from 8 am to 4:30 pm Mon. through Fri., the Student Success Center remains a good place to start to get pointed in the right direction. Although, at times the appropriate academic guidance may require other support such as student’s faculty advisor or professional staff from within the specific college such as Teacher Education Services for field experience and internship questions.

  • Be sure to use Degree Works for course offerings and degree requirements. This tool will answer any questions about course offerings and teaching formats as you plan your future semesters.
  • Looking for online class options? Use Degree Works to see what of your course requirements are offered online in a given semester and then begin to narrow course options based on what classes you have the perquisites to take.
  • Register for the classes you can as soon as registration opens, then adds others later as needed. There is no penalty to add and drop classes and payment is not due until much later after registration opens–Check the Important Dates for the last day to add/drop and payment due.