Field Experience

Field experience, a requirement of the Alabama State Department of Education, is an invaluable opportunity to observe and be involved in real-life teaching situations. During P-12 school visits students will learn pedagogy and management strategies and, in some instances, be allowed to practice their teaching skills.

Field experience is a requirement for all students that complete a program of study that leads to teacher certification in the College of Education or in the College of Arts and Sciences with a minor in Education.

Throughout the teacher education program, field experiences are connected to specific courses. These courses will integrate assignments (known as Critical Assignments) that align with state standards and prepare teacher candidates to become proficient educators. As part of the course, faculty will teach and model the tasks required; during field experience, teacher candidates will perform the tasks as part of the course grade. Successful completion of all four critical assignments prepares teacher candidates for the expectations that accompany the Internship.

Field Experience Overview

Field Experience Model for 2023-24

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Print a copy of the complete Field Experience Verification Form

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What are the REQUIREMENTS to receive a Field Experience placement?

Requirements: The following requirements must be met prior to applying for Field Experience placements.

Enrollment in Courses

Candidates are required to be enrolled in courses during the semester in which field experience placements are completed. Review the Overview Chart on the Field Experience webpage to see a list of courses that require Field Experience.

Student Learning & Licensure (SL&L)

Student Learning & Licensure (SL&L) by Watermark is an online tool used by Teacher Education students and faculty to manage program data. Candidates seeking a degree that leads to certification in a College of Education program, or in a College of Arts and Sciences program with a minor in Education are required to purchase SL&L during the first semester in ED 301 Introduction to Teaching. (Teach for America students, Provisional Certification students and recertification/ renewal students are not required to purchase SL&L.)

Every student enrolled in a Teacher Education program is required to use SL&L for the following:
• Submit Field Experience documentation
• Submit Key Assignments as directed by the course instructor
• Submit Student Teaching/Practicum documentation as directed by the course instructor

Tuberculosis (TB) Skin Test

Candidates seeking a degree that leads to certification in a College of Education program, or in a College of Arts and Sciences program with a minor in Education are required to submit a current negative tuberculosis skin (TB) test to the Teacher Education Department upon admission to ASU. (Negative TB Skin tests are current for 3 years effective from the date read.)

ABI/FBI Fingerprinting Background Clearance

Candidates seeking a degree that leads to certification in a College of Education program, or in a College of Arts and Sciences program with a minor in Education are required to complete an ABI/FBI Background Clearance upon admission to ASU during your first semester and prior to conducting field experience. If you hold an Alabama substitute license or a letter of suitability for employment in a school system, please email with this information; you do not need to repeat the background clearance. (We do not accept DHR letters of suitability.)

Click the “Fingerprint Policy” link below and follow the procedures. (NOTE: Page 5 Section 2.8.a. Select the last option “You attend an Alabama College or University”. Once you complete the process and receive your letter of suitability, email a copy of your letter to

Where do I go to APPLY for Field Experience?

Application Process: After enrolling in a course tied to Field Experience, candidates must apply online in order to receive a placement by the Field Experience and Internship Office.


  1. Go To MyAthens Self-Service
  2. Go To Student Tab / College of Education Field Experience Application.
  3. Select Critical Areas 1-5 (refer to the Overview Chart listed above).
  4. Select the Term.
  5. Select school preferences (if applicable).
  6. Confirm the course you are enrolled in.
  7. Click Continue. Review your application. Submit.

Application Dates

Where do I locate/print the VERIFICATION FORMS?

Verification Forms: During each semester in which field experience placements are completed, students are required to submit a completed Verification Form into Canvas and SLL by the due date set by the Field Experience Office.

Form Completion

The form must be handwritten and completed in full. The Athens State candidate must complete the Student, Course, & School Information sections. The Cooperating Teacher must complete the attendance section – dates, times, signature.

Locate & Print the Form

  1. Go To Blackboard
  2. Click on My Organizations / Field Experience / Verification Forms
  3. Download/Print a copy of the form for each placement


What are the Teacher Candidate’s expectations?

Teacher Candidate Expectations: Field experiences broaden the teacher candidate’s understanding of effective classroom instruction and establish a platform for the transfer of theory and translation of research into practice.

Critical Assignments

Each course tied to field experience requires the candidate submit for grading an assignment that models a portion of the culminating edTPA portfolio (which is completed during Internship). This assignment AND the completion of all FE days will determine a Pass or Fail for the course.


  • Candidates should be polite when calling schools to schedule their days. Find out what time school begins and where to park.
  • Candidates are required to wear their ASU ID badge at all times during field experience placements. Badges are obtained through the Athens State University Security Office
    • Location: ASU Campus Security
    • Hours 8:00 – 4:00 PM
    • Information: 256-233-8222
  • Sign in at the front office immediately upon entering the school each day. Candidates are also required to sign out at the end of each day.
  • Dress and act in a professional manner.
  • Arrive promptly. Be on time or early.
  • Exhibit a positive, courteous attitude. (Field Experience students are guests in the school.)
  • Abide by all school rules. (especially those dealing with food, beverages, and cell phones)
  • Be positive, refrain from any negative comments, derogatory remarks or comments toward or about the school, its personnel, or its students either verbally or nonverbally (such as Facebook).
  • Candidates are to contact the school office and classroom teacher immediately if they must miss a scheduled day.
  • Check Athens State email regularly during Field Experience. (This is a MUST! Important information is often sent during the 2-week course release time-frame.)

Where are the Cooperating Teacher’s Expectations?

Cooperating Teacher Expectations: Although the first responsibility of the cooperating teacher is to his/her own students, cooperating teachers also fulfill one of the most important roles in the education of student teachers.


  • Orient the teacher candidate to the school setting, organizational policies, and duties of the faculty or other professionals
  • Serve as a model and information source, helping each teacher candidate improve professional skills, strategies, and understanding of both cognitive and affective aspects of teaching
  • Offer constructive feedback to the teacher candidate in regards to teaching and student management


  • Edit a candidate’s official material prior to submission for grading
  • Instruct candidate on which video clips to select (when applicable)

Professional Dispositions

All Athens State candidate field experience placements require the completion of the professional dispositions assessment in Live Text by the hosting classroom teacher.

What is the Peer Review Board?

Professional Review Board

The Professional Review Board is comprised of a committee selected to review cases of unprofessional behavior. Should a teacher candidate exhibit unsatisfactory behavior and/or performance during Field Experiences, the cooperating teacher will notify the Field Experience and Internship Office Coordinator.

The Field Experience and Internship Office Coordinator will then notify the teacher candidate of the course of action to be taken. If the case is of a serious matter, the teacher candidate will be required to appear before the Professional Review Board (PRB).


When/How do I SUBMIT the Verification Forms?

Canvas and SLL by the due date set by the Field Experience Office.

Due Date

SLL Submission

Scan a copy of the completed Verification Form into SLL and attach it to the Field Experience area within the teacher candidate portfolio.

Canvas Submission

  1. Go To Canvas
  2. Click on My Organizations / Field Experience / Verification Forms
  3. Choose the Link for the Semester and Critical Area you are enrolled in